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Flask wrapper for the SQL Records

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Flask Records

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Flask-Records is an extension that manuiplate the DB with the raw sql for the flask application using records.


pip install flask-records



Add the flask-records to your flask application.

from flask import Flask
from flask_records import FlaskRecords

raw_db = FlaskRecords(app)

or initialize the app in the way below:

from flask import Flask
from flask_records import FlaskRecords

raw_db = FlaskRecords()

Access DB With Flask Records

We have provided two decorators for easy using in the development:


The basic query decorator you can use in the flask records.

from flask_records.decorators import query

@query("INSERT INTO users VALUES(:id, :name, :age)")
def hello_flask_records(id, name, age):

# call the function: hello_flask_records(1, 'Leo', 27)

also, you can wrap all the parameters in a dictionary and pass it to the function.

from flask_records.decorators import query

@query( "INSERT INTO users VALUES(:id, :name, :age)")
def hello_flask_records(parameters):

# define a dict which contains the query parameters
# parameters = {
#     'id': 1,
#     'name': 'Leo', 
#     'age': 27
# }
# call the function: hello_flask_records(parameters)

This is the decorator which for the pagination.

from flask_records.decorators import query_by_page

@query_by_page("SELECT * FROM users", 2)
def hello_flask_records(page):

Extra Features

Flask-Records also provide the basic crud function, all you need to do is inherit the RecordsDao when you write the DAO layer classes.

from flask_records import RecordsDao

class UserDao(RecordsDao):

    def __init__(self):
        super(UserDao, self).__init__()

For detailed instructions on the features, please refer to the flask records documentation.


Release 0.0.15

  • add a param converters in as_dict function, which means u can do the convertion according to your requirements. the format for this param is {'key': func}
  • add bulk_query decorator, so you can insert multiple rows to the db
  • add as_df function to the RecordCollection

Release 0.0.14

  • Fix the initialize issue in the way like FlaskRecords()
  • Modified the error in the Doc

Release 0.0.9

  • Support the default params in the function when do the query
  • Compatible with the Python2.7+ and 3.5+

Release 0.0.8

  • Support the decorators on the function or method in the class
  • Simplify the usage of the decorators
  • Provide the base crud operations
  • Add unit tests for the decorators, basic dao etc

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