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Flat API Client

Project description

Python Client for the Flat REST API

Python package

The Flat API allows you to easily extend the abilities of the Flat Platform, with a wide range of use cases including the following:

  • Creating and importing new music scores using MusicXML or MIDI files
  • Browsing, updating, copying, exporting the user's scores (for example in MP3, WAV or MIDI)
  • Managing educational resources with Flat for Education: creating & updating the organization accounts, the classes, rosters and assignments.

You can find the API reference including code samples and our OpenAPI Specification at the following url:

To request some API credentials, please visit


Python >= 3.7

Installation & Usage

pip install

pip install flat_api

or install from this repository

pip install git+

Then import the package:

import flat_api


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

(or sudo python install to install the package for all users)

Then import the package:

import flat_api

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

from pprint import pprint
import flat_api
from flat_api.api import account_api

configuration = flat_api.Configuration(
    access_token = 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN'

# Enter a context with an instance of the API client
with flat_api.ApiClient(configuration) as api_client:
    # Create an instance of the API class
    api_instance = account_api.AccountApi(api_client)

        # Get current user account
        api_response = api_instance.get_authenticated_user()
    except flat_api.ApiException as e:
        print("Exception when calling AccountApi->get_authenticated_user: %s\n" % e)

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
AccountApi get_authenticated_user GET /me Get current user account
ClassApi activate_class POST /classes/{class}/activate Activate the class
ClassApi add_class_user PUT /classes/{class}/users/{user} Add a user to the class
ClassApi archive_assignment POST /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/archive Archive the assignment
ClassApi archive_class POST /classes/{class}/archive Archive the class
ClassApi copy_assignment POST /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/copy Copy an assignment
ClassApi create_class POST /classes Create a new class
ClassApi create_class_assignment POST /classes/{class}/assignments Assignment creation
ClassApi create_submission PUT /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions Create or edit a submission
ClassApi create_test_student_account POST /classes/{class}/testStudent Create a test student account
ClassApi delete_class_user DELETE /classes/{class}/users/{user} Remove a user from the class
ClassApi delete_submission DELETE /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions/{submission} Reset a submission
ClassApi delete_submission_comment DELETE /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions/{submission}/comments/{comment} Delete a feedback comment to a submission
ClassApi edit_submission PUT /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions/{submission} Edit a submission
ClassApi enroll_class POST /classes/enroll/{enrollmentCode} Join a class
ClassApi export_submissions_reviews_as_csv GET /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions/csv CSV Grades exports
ClassApi export_submissions_reviews_as_excel GET /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions/excel Excel Grades exports
ClassApi get_class GET /classes/{class} Get the details of a single class
ClassApi get_score_submissions GET /scores/{score}/submissions List submissions related to the score
ClassApi get_submission GET /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions/{submission} Get a student submission
ClassApi get_submission_comments GET /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions/{submission}/comments List the feedback comments of a submission
ClassApi get_submission_history GET /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions/{submission}/history Get the history of the submission
ClassApi get_submissions GET /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions List the students' submissions
ClassApi list_assignments GET /classes/{class}/assignments Assignments listing
ClassApi list_class_student_submissions GET /classes/{class}/students/{user}/submissions List the submissions for a student
ClassApi list_classes GET /classes List the classes available for the current user
ClassApi post_submission_comment POST /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions/{submission}/comments Add a feedback comment to a submission
ClassApi unarchive_assignment DELETE /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/archive Unarchive the assignment.
ClassApi unarchive_class DELETE /classes/{class}/archive Unarchive the class
ClassApi update_class PUT /classes/{class} Update the class
ClassApi update_submission_comment PUT /classes/{class}/assignments/{assignment}/submissions/{submission}/comments/{comment} Update a feedback comment to a submission
CollectionApi add_score_to_collection PUT /collections/{collection}/scores/{score} Add a score to the collection
CollectionApi create_collection POST /collections Create a new collection
CollectionApi delete_collection DELETE /collections/{collection} Delete the collection
CollectionApi delete_score_from_collection DELETE /collections/{collection}/scores/{score} Delete a score from the collection
CollectionApi edit_collection PUT /collections/{collection} Update a collection's metadata
CollectionApi get_collection GET /collections/{collection} Get collection details
CollectionApi list_collection_scores GET /collections/{collection}/scores List the scores contained in a collection
CollectionApi list_collections GET /collections List the collections
CollectionApi untrash_collection POST /collections/{collection}/untrash Untrash a collection
EduResourcesApi copy_edu_resource POST /eduResources/{resource}/copy Copy an education resource to a Resource Library
EduResourcesApi copy_edu_resource_to_demo_class POST /eduResources/{resource}/copyToDemoClass Copy an education assignment to a teacher demo class
EduResourcesApi create_edu_resource POST /eduResources Create a new education resource
EduResourcesApi delete_edu_resource DELETE /eduResources/{resource} Delete an education resource
EduResourcesApi get_edu_resource GET /eduResources/{resource} Get an education resource
EduResourcesApi list_edu_libraries GET /eduResources/libraries List the education libraries
EduResourcesApi list_edu_resources GET /eduResources List education resources in a library or folder
EduResourcesApi move_edu_resource POST /eduResources/{resource}/move Move an education resource
EduResourcesApi update_edu_resource PUT /eduResources/{resource} Update an education resource metadata
EduResourcesApi update_edu_resource_assignment PUT /eduResources/{resource}/assignment Update an education resource assignment
EduResourcesApi use_edu_resource_in_class POST /eduResources/{resource}/useInClass Use an education resource in a class
GroupApi get_group_details GET /groups/{group} Get group information
GroupApi get_group_scores GET /groups/{group}/scores List group's scores
GroupApi list_group_users GET /groups/{group}/users List group's users
OrganizationApi count_orga_users GET /organizations/users/count Count the organization users using the provided filters
OrganizationApi create_lti_credentials POST /organizations/lti/credentials Create a new couple of LTI 1.x credentials
OrganizationApi create_organization_invitation POST /organizations/invitations Create a new invitation to join the organization
OrganizationApi create_organization_user POST /organizations/users Create a new user account
OrganizationApi create_organization_user_access_token POST /organizations/users/{user}/accessToken Create a delegated API access token for an organization user
OrganizationApi create_organization_user_signin_link POST /organizations/users/{user}/signinLink Create a sign in link for an organization user
OrganizationApi list_lti_credentials GET /organizations/lti/credentials List LTI 1.x credentials
OrganizationApi list_organization_invitations GET /organizations/invitations List the organization invitations
OrganizationApi list_organization_users GET /organizations/users List the organization users
OrganizationApi remove_organization_invitation DELETE /organizations/invitations/{invitation} Remove an organization invitation
OrganizationApi remove_organization_user DELETE /organizations/users/{user} Remove an account from Flat
OrganizationApi revoke_lti_credentials DELETE /organizations/lti/credentials/{credentials} Revoke LTI 1.x credentials
OrganizationApi update_organization_user PUT /organizations/users/{user} Update account information
ScoreApi add_score_collaborator POST /scores/{score}/collaborators Add a new collaborator
ScoreApi add_score_track POST /scores/{score}/tracks Add a new video or audio track to the score
ScoreApi create_export_task POST /scores/{score}/revisions/{revision}/{format}/task Create a new score export task
ScoreApi create_score POST /scores Create a new score
ScoreApi create_score_revision POST /scores/{score}/revisions Create a new revision
ScoreApi delete_score DELETE /scores/{score} Delete a score
ScoreApi delete_score_comment DELETE /scores/{score}/comments/{comment} Delete a comment
ScoreApi delete_score_track DELETE /scores/{score}/tracks/{track} Remove an audio or video track linked to the score
ScoreApi edit_score PUT /scores/{score} Edit a score's metadata
ScoreApi fork_score POST /scores/{score}/fork Fork a score
ScoreApi ger_user_likes GET /users/{user}/likes List liked scores
ScoreApi get_group_scores GET /groups/{group}/scores List group's scores
ScoreApi get_score GET /scores/{score} Get a score's metadata
ScoreApi get_score_collaborator GET /scores/{score}/collaborators/{collaborator} Get a collaborator
ScoreApi get_score_collaborators GET /scores/{score}/collaborators List the collaborators
ScoreApi get_score_comments GET /scores/{score}/comments List comments
ScoreApi get_score_revision GET /scores/{score}/revisions/{revision} Get a score revision
ScoreApi get_score_revision_data GET /scores/{score}/revisions/{revision}/{format} Get a score revision data
ScoreApi get_score_revisions GET /scores/{score}/revisions List the revisions
ScoreApi get_score_submissions GET /scores/{score}/submissions List submissions related to the score
ScoreApi get_score_track GET /scores/{score}/tracks/{track} Retrieve the details of an audio or video track linked to a score
ScoreApi get_user_scores GET /users/{user}/scores List user's scores
ScoreApi list_score_tracks GET /scores/{score}/tracks List the audio or video tracks linked to a score
ScoreApi mark_score_comment_resolved PUT /scores/{score}/comments/{comment}/resolved Mark the comment as resolved
ScoreApi mark_score_comment_unresolved DELETE /scores/{score}/comments/{comment}/resolved Mark the comment as unresolved
ScoreApi post_score_comment POST /scores/{score}/comments Post a new comment
ScoreApi remove_score_collaborator DELETE /scores/{score}/collaborators/{collaborator} Delete a collaborator
ScoreApi untrash_score POST /scores/{score}/untrash Untrash a score
ScoreApi update_score_comment PUT /scores/{score}/comments/{comment} Update an existing comment
ScoreApi update_score_track PUT /scores/{score}/tracks/{track} Update an audio or video track linked to a score
TaskApi get_task GET /tasks/{task} Get a task details
UserApi ger_user_likes GET /users/{user}/likes List liked scores
UserApi get_user GET /users/{user} Get a public user profile
UserApi get_user_scores GET /users/{user}/scores List user's scores

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: OAuth
  • Flow: accessCode
  • Authorization URL:
  • Scopes:
  • account.public_profile: Provides access to the basic person's public profile. Education profiles may be anonymized with this scope, you can request the scope education_profile to access to the a basic education account profile.
  • Provices access to the person's email.
  • account.education_profile: Provides access to the basic person's education profile and public organization information.
  • scores.readonly: Allows read-only access to all a user's scores. You won't need this scope to read public scores.
  • Allow to post comments and like scores
  • scores: Full, permissive scope to access all of a user's scores.
  • collections.readonly: Allow read-only access to a user's collections.
  • collections.add_scores: Allow to add scores to a user's collections.
  • collections: Full, permissive scope to access all of a user's collections.
  • edu.resources: Read-write access to the resource library.
  • edu.resources.readonly: Read-only access to the resource library.
  • edu.classes: Full, permissive scope to manage the classes.
  • edu.classes.readonly: Read-only access to the classes.
  • edu.assignments: Read-write access to the assignments and submissions.
  • edu.assignments.readonly: Read-only access to the assignments and submissions.
  • edu.admin: Full, permissive scope to manage all the admin of an organization.
  • edu.admin.lti: Access and manage the LTI Credentials for an organization.
  • edu.admin.lti.readonly: Read-only access to the LTI Credentials of an organization.
  • edu.admin.users: Access and manage the users and invitations of the organization.
  • edu.admin.users.readonly: Read-only access to the users and invitations of the organization.
  • tasks.readonly: Read-only access to export tasks created by this account.


Notes for Large OpenAPI documents

If the OpenAPI document is large, imports in flat_api.apis and flat_api.models may fail with a RecursionError indicating the maximum recursion limit has been exceeded. In that case, there are a couple of solutions:

Solution 1: Use specific imports for apis and models like:

  • from flat_api.api.default_api import DefaultApi
  • from import Pet

Solution 2: Before importing the package, adjust the maximum recursion limit as shown below:

import sys
import flat_api
from flat_api.apis import *
from flat_api.models import *

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