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Detect Phishing Websites using Machine Learning

Project description

Fluffy Pancakes

Fluffy Pancakes is a library designed to detect phishing websites. It uses Machine Learning to predict the output with an accuracy of 95.2%.

Note: Please bear with us for a few seconds to get the output since the library is computationally intensive. We felt bad for making you wait, so we have included a progress bar that you can enable to see the percentage of progress and also see the time taken for execution. Also note that the library heavily depends on a stable internet connection to function its best and to obtain the results. So, the quicker your internet connection is, the faster your results will be :).


  • Install the module

     $ pip install fluffypancakes
  • Grant Permissions

    Use sudo chmod 777 to give permissions to the <System Python File PATH>/site-packages/fluffypancakes/dependencies/ folder.

  • Import

     $ from fluffypancakes import fluffypancakes as fp
  • Call the function and Pass the URL

     $ result = fp.serve('<website URL>', progressBar=True)
     $ print(result)
  • Defaults

    The default value of the progressBar is 'True'. However, the option can be enabled or disabled with boolean 'True' or 'False' respectively.


-1 : Legitimate Website

1 : Phishing Website

"The URL entered is either Invalid or the Host is unserviceable" : For invalid URLs and Unservicable Hosts

The output is predicted with an accuracy of 95.2%. It is not a definitive classification.


Python dependencies:

  • beautifulsoup4>=4.9.0
  • numpy>=1.17.2
  • pandas>=1.0.4
  • python-whois>=0.7.2
  • requests>=2.23.0
  • scikit-learn>=0.21.3
  • selenium>=3.141.0
  • sklearn>=0.0
  • tqdm>=4.46.0
  • urllib3>=1.25.8

Installing this module will install all the dependencies automatically.

Additional dependencies:

  • Chrome Driver : You'll need a chromedriver in order to complete execution of the code. You can get the file from here. Unzip and add the "chromedriver.exe" (Windows) or "chromedriver" (Linux and MacOS) file to the PYTHONPATH environment variable.

    Well, that's a lot of work right? We know! So, we have included the current stable version of the chromedriver in the dependencies folder of the repo.

    The code automatically detects the OS (Windows, Linux Based and MacOS) and picks up the respective chromedriver file.

    You're all set to go. Although, if, by any chance, you face an issue, just add to PYTHONPATH, the directory structure to where you downloaded this repository.


Want to contribute? Great!

FluffyPancakes uses http requests, bs4, selenium, and of course, Machine Learning, and a lot more libraries. You can find the GitHub repository here.

Make sure you use the following command to get the exact versions of pytest and twine:

$ pip install -e .[dev]

You can find the sample test case here.

Development Status

Development Status :: 4 - Beta
Operating System :: OS Independent



In collaboration with the Center for ISFCR at PES University, Bangalore, India. Special thanks to Mr. Prasad B Honnavali (Director, Center for ISFCR) for his constant support and mentorship.

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