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Manage contacts via CLI

Project description [id] [property] [property=value]

A simple CLI address book with backend stored in an .ini-file
(default ~/folks.ini).

folks is intented to be grep-, sed-, columns-, cut- and awk-friendly:

# list all id's
# output:

# list properties of given id
./ sven
# output:
name:Sven Larsson

# get some options of an id
./ martin | grep phone | cut -d: -f2 # output: +46462462446
# shortcut, if you don't like grep:
./ sven tele
# output:

# sets properties
./ sven tel=325236266

# search (and limit output to certain properties if you want to)
./ --footballers=1 tele
# output:

If you need more import channels than stdin, edit the text file. I'm
just a frontend.


You are yourself responsible for what a "property" is, for example
"tel" vs "tele" vs "telephone". If you want to consolidate the format:

sed -i -e 's/^tele /tel /' your-file.ini

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folks-0.1.0.tar.gz (2.9 kB view hashes)

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