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Phonetics algorithms (Soundex and Metaphone) for russian, english, sweden, finnish and estonian languages

Project description


Russian, English, Sweden, Estonian and Finnish Phonetic algorithm based on Soundex/Metaphone.

Package has both implemented phoneme transformation into letter-number sequence and distance engine for comparison of phonetic sequences (based on Levenstein and Hamming distances).

Furthermore, both Russian phonetic algorithms supports preprocessing for specific phoneme cases.

Quick start

  1. Install this package via pip
pip install fonetika
  1. Import Soundex algorithm.

Package supports a lot of opportunities, it's possible to cut a result sequence (like in the original Soundex version) or also code vowels.

from fonetika.soundex import RussianSoundex

soundex = RussianSoundex(delete_first_letter=True)


soundex = RussianSoundex(delete_first_letter=True, code_vowels=True)


A structure of the library is scalable, RussianSoundex class inherits basic class Soundex (original for English language). In order to extend our algorithm, you need just inherit own class from Soundex and override methods.

  1. Import Soundex distance for usage of string comparision
from fonetika.distance import PhoneticsInnerLanguageDistance

soundex = RussianSoundex(delete_first_letter=True)
phon_distance = PhoneticsInnerLanguageDistance(soundex)
phon_distance.distance('ёлочка', 'йолочка')

  1. You can also calculate distance between words of two languages. It would be useful for working with one language family group.
from fonetika.distance import PhoneticsBetweenLanguagesDistance

m1 = FinnishMetaphone(reduce_word=False)
m2 = EstonianMetaphone(reduce_word=False)
phon_distance = PhoneticsBetweenLanguagesDistance(m1, m2)
phon_distance.distance('yö', 'öö')


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