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API wrapper for the BMC (Numara) Footprints SOAP API

Project description


A better Python wrapper for Footprints SOAP API.

What is this wrapper for?

This wrapper integrates with Footprint's SOAP endpoints. What is Footprints? Check it out here.

Table of contents

Quick start

  • Download the repo.
  • Clone the repo:

Add as a project dependency:

$ pip install footprintsapi

Local Deploy steps

Install the required dependencies:

$ pip install -r requirements/local.txt


Footprints' internal architecture is as follows:

Footprints Architecture

An object-oriented approach was taken with this project. As such, the SOAP endpoints are called through the use of a Footprints Object.

Instantiate the object with the following attributes:

from footprintsapi import Footprints
import env as settings

attributes = {
  "client_id": settings.CLIENT_ID,
  "client_secret": settings.CLIENT_SECRET,
  "base_url": settings.BASE_URL

fp = Footprints(**attributes)

Example settings:

CLIENT_ID = "Agent username"
CLIENT_SECRET = "Agent password"
BASE_URL = "https://{Your hostname here}/footprints/servicedesk/externalapisoap/ExternalApiServicePort?wsdl"

Additional attributes can also be passed in as needed. When the object is instantiated with optional parameters, the functions that require those same parameters will automatically use them if not passed in.

For testing purposes an example wsdl file has been included in tests/wsdl/. In order to get a deeper understanding of the Footprint's architecture the use of SOAP UI is recommended. More documentation can be found in the Web service definitions guide

If you'd like to set up a testing environment in SOAP UI with the included wsdl, please see [SOAP UI Testing] (#soap-ui-testing).

API Endpoints

Endpoint Method Parameters (Bolded are required) Returns Additional Notes
"createCI" fp.create_ci(...) cmdb_definition_id, cifields, status, submitter CI ID cmdb_definition_id can be found using fp.list_container_definitions()
"createContact" fp.create_contact(...) address_book_definition_id, contact_fields, submitter Contact ID address_book_definition_id can be found using fp.list_container_definitions()
"createItem" fp.create_item(...) item_definition_id, item_fields, quick_template_id, assignees, submitter Contact ID item_definition_id can be fetched by using fp.list_container_definitions()
"createOrEditContact" fp.create_or_edit_contact(...) address_book_definition_id, contact_fields, contact_id, submitter Contact ID address_book_definition_id can be found using fp.list_container_definitions()
"createTicket" fp.create_ticket(...) ticket_definition_id, ticket_fields, assignees, submitter, quick_template_id, contact_definition_id, select_contact Ticket ID ticket_definition_id can be found using fp.list_item_definitions(container_definition_id). ticket_definition_id is only optional when it has already been passed into the Footprints ticket object.
"createTicketAndLinkAssets" fp.create_ticket_and_link_assets(...) ticket_definition_id, ticket_fields, assets_list, assignees, submitter Ticket ID See createTicket additional notes
"editCI" fp.update_ci(...) cmdb_definition_id, ci_id, ci_fields, status, submitter CI ID cmdb_definition_id can be found using fp.list_container_definitions()
"editContact" fp.update_contact(...) address_book_definition_id, contact_id, contact_fields, submitter Contact ID See createContact additional notes
"editItem" fp.update_item(...) item_definition_id, item_id, item_fields, assignees, submitter Item ID See createItem additional notes
"editTicket" fp.update_ticket(...) ticket_definition_id, ticket_id, ticket_fields , contact_definition_id, select_contact, assignees, submitter Ticket ID
"getContactAssociatedTickets" fp.get_contact_associated_tickets(...) contact_definition_id, primary_key_value, submitter Sea of Tickets contact_definition_id can be found using fp.get_container_definitions() typically the container definition id you are looking for will have a sub type name of Address Book. With the proper id, use fp.get_item_definitions(container_definition_id) which will display the contact_definition_id.
"getItemDetails" fp.get_item(...) item_definition_id, item_id, fields_to_retrieve, submitter Item Object
"getItemId" fp.get_item_id(...) item_definition_id, item_number, submitter Item ID The item id can optionally be prepended with your organizational prefix or left has a number. The organization prefix defaults to "SR-" upon object instantiation.
"getTicketDetails" fp.get_ticket(...) item_definition_id, item_number, item_id, submitter, fields_to_retrieve Ticket Object The ticket object has all the returned ticket fields as attributes. As such common fields like the ticket title can be accessed by:
You can modify the custom attributes that are included in the ticket object by modifying the CustomAttributesMixin found in:
from footprints.mixins.common import CustomAttributesMixin
"linkItems" fp.link_items(...) first_item_definition_id, first_item_id, second_item_definition_id, second_item_id, link_type_name, submitter Dynamic Item Link ID No assumptions are made regarding the linking of items. Both item definition ids and their respective item ids must be passed in. The list of acceptable link_type_name(s) can be found within the method documentation.
"linkTickets" fp.link_tickets(...) first_ticket_definition_id, first_ticket_id, second_ticket_definition_id, second_ticket_id, link_type_name, submitter Dynamic Item Link ID See linkItems additional notes
"listContainerDefinitions" fp.get_container_definitions(...) container_subtype_name, submitter List of container dictionaries Use this function to get the definition ids of various workspaces
"listItemDefinitions" fp.get_item_definitions(...) item_definition_id, submitter List of item dictionaries Use this function to get the items within a workspace
"listFieldDefinitions" fp.get_field_definitions(...) item_definition_id, submitter List of field dictionaries Use this function to get the fields relevant to an item
"listQuickTemplates" fp.get_quick_templates(...) item_definition_id, submitter List of dictionaries
"listSearches" fp.get_searches(...) item_type_name, submitter List of dictionaries You can use this parameter to retrieve item name only from the existing Saved Searches in the FootPrints application.
"runSearch" fp.get_search(...) search_id, submitter Dict You can retrieve the item_type_name parameter to get the item ID to run the search query from the existing Saved Searches only. Note: You must create Saved Searches in the FootPrints application before using the web service to run the search queries. You cannot create Saved Searches by using the web services.

SOAP UI Testing

The following guide goes over setting up the local wsdl and setting up mock responses. In order to test the get_ticket method, you will need to mock the getItemId and the getTicketDetails service.

Make sure your mock service is running. You will need the endpoint the mock service is running on. It will look similar to something like this: http://your-PC:8088/mockExternalApiServiceSoapBinding. For use as the base url in the Footprints object, you only need to append ?WSDL.

Also ensure you set up your mock responses.

An example getItemId mock return:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ext="">

And example getTicketDetails mock return:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ext="">
            <_submitter>Jesus Rodriguez</_submitter>
            <_description>Something really bad happened!</_description>

Hence, a sample python script could be as follows:

from footprintsapi import Footprints

attributes = {
  "client_id": "Doesn't matter for mock response",
  "client_secret": "Doesn't matter for mock response",
  "base_url": "http://your-pc:8088/mockExternalApiServiceSoapBinding?WSDL",

fp = Footprints(**attributes)
# Passed attributes don't matter, the mocked responses will return regardless
print(fp.get_ticket("80001", "SR-0001"))
# Ticket(ticket_number='SR-00001', submitter='Jesus Rodriguez', create_date='07/05/21', create_time='10:00pm', title='Testing', status='Pending', priority='Low', description='Something really bad happened!')

In order to get a good testing case, ensure the items you mock are as close to your Footprints instance as possible. Or you know, you could always test in production... 🤡

To Do

Create functional tests.

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