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Project description

Use fourier transform to draw epicycles with your drawings.

Draw a picture or sample one, press space, then watch an epic simulation of epicycles being drawned identically as your picture. Thanks the the fourier transform your drawing will be reproduced in a real-time simulation only using epicycles.


Fourier Animation


#Clone the repository
git clone
cd Fourier

#Install requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt


Put your model image image.png in the FourierImages folder.

  • Option 1: Give image at launch.
python image.png
  • Option 2: Launch then give the image.
> image name:

Then give your image:

> image name:image.png

Run with docker

# Download the docker-compose.yml file and cd into its parent folder
# Put your image in the FourierImages folder then run
# Replace 'image.png' by your own image filename
docker-compose run --rm fourier image.png

Or choose your own folder

# Download the docker-compose.yml file and cd into its parent folder
# Replace the first occurence of 'FourierImages' by your custom image folder
# Replace 'image.png' by your own image too
docker-compose run --rm \
    -v ./FourierImages:/opt/FourierImages \
    fourier image.png

Or run the full docker command without the docker-compose.yml file

docker run --rm \
-v $PWD/image.jpg:./image.jpg \
-v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
--device /dev/dri \
marcpartensky/fourier /image.jpg

Or store the coefficients and the images in a folder

docker run --rm \
-v $PWD/FourierImages:/opt/FourierImages \
-v $PWD/FourierObjects:/opt/FourierObjects \
-v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
--device /dev/dri \
marcpartensky/fourier image.jpg


There are 3 modes in this program:

  • Mode 1: Sampling Sample or draw a picture.

  • Mode 2: Drawing Watch the epicycles simulation which uses fourier transform.

  • Mode 3: Display Get the output image directly without waiting for the simulation.


  • Space: Switch to next mode.
  • Enter: Go back to the center.
  • Up/Down/Right/Left Arrow: Move arround.
  • Right/Left Shift: Zoom in or out.
  • Quit/Escape: Quit.
  • Z: Cancel last sample.
  • R: Remove all samples.
  • S: Save the fourier-coefficients.

Hide or Show the graphical components

Press the following numbers to toggle:

  • 1: Image
  • 2: Green lines
  • 3: Red graph
  • 4: White vectors
  • 5: Grey circles
  • 6: Yellow sample


Project details

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