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Pretty FTP wrapper

Project description

A wrapper for simple FTP operations: get, put, list etc.

The goal of this library is to provide a frictionless experience to FTPing files in way similar to Amazon’s s3cmd command line tool. The API should be intuitive with the order of arguments reflecting the transfer direction of bytes.

Transfers are assumed to be binary.

Unrecognized commands fall through to the underlying FTP or FTP_TLS connection object

Supports python 2 & 3, tested on 2.7 & 3.5, 3.6, & 3.7


from ftpretty import ftpretty

# Minimal
f = ftpretty(host, user, pass)

# Advanced
# kwargs are passed to underlying FTP or FTP_TLS connection
# secure=True argument switches to an FTP_TLS connection default is False
# passive=False disable passive connection, True is the default
# Note: port is not supported as an argument in underlying FTP or FTP_TLS but support for
# handling port has been internally added in ftpretty by setting FTP.port or FTP_TLS.port
f = ftpretty(host, user, pass, secure=True, passive=False, timeout=10, port=2121)

# Get a file, save it locally
f.get('someremote/file/on/server.txt', '/tmp/localcopy/server.txt')


# Get a file and write to an open file
myfile = open('/tmp/localcopy/server.txt', 'wb')
f.get('someremote/file/on/server.txt', myfile)


# Get a file and return contents (in python 3 contents is bytes)
contents = f.get('someremote/file/on/server.txt')

# Put a local file to a remote location
# non-existent subdirectories will be created automatically
f.put('/tmp/localcopy/data.txt', 'someremote/file/on/server.txt')


# Put a local file into a remote directory, denoted by trailing slash on remote
f.put('/tmp/localcopy/data.txt', 'someremote/dir/')


# Put using an open file desciptor
myfile = open('/tmp/localcopy/data.txt', 'r')
f.put(myfile,  'someremote/file/on/server.txt')


# Put using string data (in python 3 contents should be bytes)
f.put(None,  'someremote/file/greeting.txt', contents='blah blah blah')


# Put a tree on a remote directory (similar to shutil.copytree, without following
# symlinks

f.upload_tree("Local/tree", "/remote/files/server")

# Return a list the files in a directory
['a.txt', 'b.txt']

f.list('someremote/folder', extra=True)
[{'date': 'Feb 11',
  'datetime': datetime.datetime(2014, 2, 11, 2, 3),
  'directory': 'd',
  'group': '1006',
  'items': '3',
  'name': 'a.txt',
  'owner': '1005',
  'perms': 'rwxr-xr-x',
  'size': '4096',
  'time': '02:03',
  'year': '2014'},
 {'date': 'Feb 11',
  'datetime': datetime.datetime(2014, 2, 11, 2, 35),
  'directory': 'd',
  'group': '1006',
  'items': '3',
  'name': 'b.txt',
  'owner': '1005',
  'perms': 'rwxr-xr-x',
  'size': '4096',
  'time': '02:35',
  'year': '2014'}]

# Change to remote directory'someremote/folder')

# Delete a remote file

# Close the connection

Changelog for ftpretty

0.3.1 (2019-12-01)
  • accept port argument
0.3.0 (2019-10-21)
  • permissions parsing fix, upload tree fix
0.2.4 (2016-12-14)
  • upload_tree() added

0.2.3 (2015-12-01)

  • rename() added

0.2.2 (2015-07-23)

  • Setup fix

0.2.1 (2015-05-20)

  • Python3 support added

0.2.0 (2014-11-28)

  • Fixed an edge case for list
  • PEP 8 fixes

0.1.9 (2014-06-17)

  • Support for Python 2.6

0.1.8 (2014-04-08)

  • Add ability to filter dotfiles from directory list

0.1.7 (2014-03-03)

  • Add tests

0.1.6 (2014-02-17)

  • Parse file dates in list(extra=True) into datetime objects
  • add dateutil dependency
  • Add tests and mock FTP client
  • Reformat authors file
  • Some more examples
  • Pep8ify

0.1.5 (2014-02-17)

  • Version bump for PyPI

0.1.4 (2014-02-17)

  • History fix

0.1.3 (2014-02-17)

  • Add passive flag

0.1.2 (2014-02-13)

  • Initial release.


  • Rob Harrigan
  • Chris Cannon
  • Philippe Ombredanne
  • Panos Katseas
  • Niklas Bivald
  • Doug Van Horn
  • Oz N Tiram
  • pratham2003

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