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Calendar view based on fullcalendar

Project description


ftw.calendar is a calendar view based on fullcalendar (


  • Generic: ftw.calendar doesn’t care about the event objects, it only needs a collection in which the resulting brains have a start and a end attribute. If the calendar view is on an other content type than a collection, it will show all events (types defined in portal_calendar) below this context.
  • Lightweight: the only requirement (apart from plone of course) is simplejson. Optionally, if you want to enable resizing of events and the drag and drop functionality, you can install jquery.ui but it is not required.
  • Internationalized: currently ftw.calendar is available in german, english and czech. Feel free to add more translations.
  • Integrated: ftw.calendar cares about your calendar settings. First day of the week is respected and displayed accordingly.


  • Add ftw.calendar to your buildout configuration:
eggs +=
  • Install the generic import profile.

Use the ftwcalendar_view as the new default view on any collection. The default events-collection in a new plone site should work well, you probably should remove the date criterions though, since fullcalendar needs to be able to set them according to the selected month.


Often there are javascript-errors just after installing and trying the calendar view. Normally these are due to javascript caching and can be easily solved by enabling javascript debugging in the js_registry.


Many thanks to Adam Shaw for jq.fullcalendar.


Runs with Plone 4.1, 4.2.


2.0.0 (2013-11-04)

  • Add test setup and a basic test. [mathias.leimgruber]
  • Plone 4.3 compatibility. [mathias.leimgruber]
  • Package cleanup (Readme.rst/History.txt/ [mathias.leimgruber]
  • Pass dates to the javascript in ISO8601 format so it handles timezones correctly. [davisagli]

1.15 (2012-01-27)

  • Make calendar work with other context than collection. [Julian Infanger]
  • Set mimetype header for configuration javascript so that it works with Diazo theming. [22.06.2011, yomatters]


  • Added class for ftwcalendar_view, so a viewlet can be registered on this class. [22.06.2011, jinfanger]
  • Added french translation. Thanks to Francois Hurter. [22.03.2011, fsprenger]
  • Make sure link color is not overridden by sunburst style [20.06.2011, fsprenger]


  • Fix GS structure (Types -> types and topic.xml -> Topic.xml and added types.xml) [07.03.2011, mathias.leimgruber]
  • Fixed README.txt [thomasdesvenain]


  • Change default time_format for german language (show H:mm). [14.02.2011, mathias.leimgruber]
  • Call queryCatalog on context.aq_inner for proper ATRelativePathCriterion support. [14.02.2011, mathias.leimgruber]
  • PEP8 on calendarupdateview. [14.02.2011, mathias.leimgruber]


  • Updated fullcalendar to version 1.4.10. Changelog for fullcalendar can be found here: [fsprenger]
  • Fixed a js bug in the configuration [fsprenger]
  • Fixing Plone 3 compatibility with a zcml.condition [fsprenger]
  • Made first day of the week option use the setting in Plone’s calendar control panel. [yomatters]
  • Updated product description in install profile. [yomatters]
  • Changed settings to use Plone’s normal i18n machinery. [yomatters]
  • Improved default styling in Sunburst on Plone 4. [yomatters]
  • Send drop and resize arguments as JSON for jQuery 1.4 compatibility. [yomatters]


  • solved problem with hidden osx files in previous release [fsprenger]
  • do not compress fullcallendar.min.js in JSRegistry. [naro]


  • updated fullcalendar to version 1.4.8 [fsprenger]


  • added Czech translation [naro]
  • added menuItem declaration to provide nice and translatable Display menu item [naro]
  • fixed zcml declarations (added layer) [naro]
  • added .po files [naro]


  • updated docs for public release [fsprenger]


  • updated fullcalendar to version 1.4.6


  • configured english as a fallback-language if there is no translation for the current language
  • added a custom css file to override styles defined in fullcalendar.css
  • highlight the current users own events
  • use the styles defined in members.css to mark the state of an event
  • added support for all day events


  • enabled drag and drop in day and week view
  • enabled resize in day and week view


  • removed jquery plugin integration (was intended for plone 2.5)
  • fixed a bug in the query, now events that span across several months are displayed correctly


  • fixed time format and set start day to monday


  • Removed a reference to a nonexisting file


  • Initial release

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