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Orchestration and configuration management in Python

Project description


fuselage is a simple and fast idempotent configuration bundle builder and runtime.

To use fuselage:

  • Use your code to build a configuration bundle via our API. The output is an executable payload.
  • Transfer that payload to your server.
  • Run it.

Should you use fuselage? Probably not. But if you are wondering why:

  • It's fast. Unlike some configuration management tools the entire process runs on the target. It doesn't rely on a round trip between every step.
  • It's small. It's only dependency is a python3 interpreter on the target system plus some common posix binaries.
  • It's secure. It doesn't bring it's own control plane that you need to understand in detail to properly secure.
  • It's simple. It provides the absolute minimum, and tries to get out the way for the stuff where it doesn't need to have an opinion. Bring your own template engine, or don't use one at all. Bring your own control plane. Run it from a deamonset, run it via fabric or even just use scp and run it by hand.

Using with paramiko

import paramiko

from fuselage.bundle import ResourceBundle
from fuselage.resources import *
from fuselage.ssh import execute_via_ssh

bundle = ResourceBundle()

    contents="A test file!!",

transport = paramiko.Transport(("localhost", 22))
    password="my super sekrit password",

# Compile the bundle, scp it to target server, execute it via sudo
    sudo_password="my super sekrit password"

Using with fabric

You will need to install fabric explicitly. Fuselage does not depend on fabric.

You can write simple deployment scripts with Fabric by adding this to your fabfile:

from fuselage.fabric import blueprint
from fuselage.resources import *

def minecraft(bundle):
    yield Directory(
    yield Execute(
    yield File(
    yield File(
    yield Execute(
        command="systemctl daemon-reload",
    yield Execute(
        command="systemctl restart minecraft.service",

And then run it against multiple servers::

fab -H server1,server2,server3 minecraft

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