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Project initialization utility for Linux.

Project description



Linux utility for launching projects in a single command.

Install with pip install futurecandy.

Run with python3 -m futurecandy or add a command alias to your shell RC file with python3 -m futurecandy rc to run with command futurecandy.

futurecandy will create directory .futurecandy in the user's home directory. Edit configuration files and hooks there.

Run python3 -m futurecandy update or futurecandy update to fetch base hooks.


Users may add their own hooks, by creating a file in directory ~/.futurecandy/hook, with file extension .hook.futurecandy.

Below is an example hook,

name = "LICENSE"
description = "Hook for generating LICENSE files."

script = "python3 -m futurecandy.hooks.License {}"
want_path = True
check_bin = False

Hooks must have a meta section with the name of the hook, and its description. This will appear on the hook selection menu.

Followed is the exec section with a command to run, defined with property script.

To specify the path to the project directory for the command, include {} as a placeholder in the script command, which will be replaced with the directory path, and set want_path to True.

If check_bin is true, futurecandy will split the script string by spaces into an array, then extract the first element as the script command for validation. If the "command" does not exist, the user will enter the shell to rectify the situation, before the command is re-ran.


Update the package through PIP, then remove and regenerate ~/.futurecandy/.


gitignore.hook.futurecandy based off of perpetualCreations/auto-gitignore forked from Mux-Mastermann/auto-gitignore.

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