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Get crash signature from Firefox crash ping

Project description


Symbolicates crash pings and generates signatures.

Take crash ping stack traces and:

  1. Use Mozilla Symbolication Service symbolication to symbolicate crash ping stack traces
  2. Use socorro-siggen library to generate a crash signature

Project details:

Install (from PyPI)

pip install fx-crash-sig


Example script:

import json

from fx_crash_sig.crash_processor import CrashProcessor

with open("crashping.json") as fp:
    crash_ping = json.load(fp)

crash_processor = CrashProcessor()

signature_result = crash_processor.get_signature(crash_ping)

Command line (using sample.json):

cat sample.json | fx-crash-sig

Run this for more command line help:

fx-crash-sig --help

Minimal crash ping structure

The legacy crash ping (the pingsender one--not the glean one) is documented here:

These are the parts of the legacy crash ping we use:

- normalized_os                (optional)
- payload:
  - metadata:
    - async_shutdown_timeout   (optional)
    - ipc_channel_error        (optional)
    - oom_allocation_size      (optional)
    - moz_crash_reason         (optional)
  - stack_traces:
    - crash_info:
      - crashing_thread
      - type
    - modules[]
      - debug_file
      - debug_id
      - filename
      - base_addr
    - threads[]
      - frames[]
         - ip
         - module_index
         - trust



  • CrashProcessor: symbolicates and generates signatures for legacy crash pings
    • __init__
      • arg: max_frames: int (40)
      • arg: api_url: str (
      • arg: verbose: bool
    • get_signature: Takes a crash ping structure, symbolicates it using Mozilla Symbolication Service, generates a signature, and returns the signature result.
      • signature
        • arg: crash_ping: dict
        • returns: siggen.generator.Result
    • symbolicate: Symbolicates the stack traces in a crash ping structure payload.
      • signature
        • arg: crash_ping: dict
        • returns: symbolicated stack traces
    • get_signature_from_symbolicated: Takes the output of symbolicate, generates a signature, and returns the signature result.
      • signature
        • arg: symbolicated: dict
        • returns: siggen.generator.Result


  • Symbolicator: symbolicates stack traces
    • __init__
      • arg: max_frames: int (40)
      • arg: api_url: str (
      • arg: verbose: bool
    • symbolicate: Symbolicates a single stack trace.
      • arg: stack_trace: dict
      • returns: symbolicated stack trace
    • symbolicate_multi: Symbolicates a list of stack traces.
      • arg: stack_traces: list of dicts
      • returns: list of symbolicated traces

Project details

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