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Kazakh language grapheme to phoneme converter

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Kazakh Language grapheme to phoneme

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This g2p convert kazakh language scripts to phonemes.

  • kazakh(arabic) script to phoneme
  • kazakh(cyrillic) script to phoneme
  • Numbers to word


pip install g2p-kz


requires Python v3+ to run.

from kzphoneme import Phoneme
arab_text = 'ءبىلىم بۇلاعى'
cyril_text = 'білім бұлағы'

pho = Phoneme()

arab_res = pho(arab_text, 'arab') #output:   ['B', 'IH', 'L', 'IH', 'M', ' ', 'B', 'U', 'L', 'A', 'C', 'I']

cyril_res = pho(cyril_text, 'cyril') #output:   ['B', 'IH', 'L', 'IH', 'M', ' ', 'B', 'U', 'L', 'A', 'C', 'I']


Cyrillic Arabic Phoneme
Name Normal Isolated Final Initial Medial
- Arabic Letter High Hamza ٴ
- Arabic Letter Hamza ء -
0x0621 0xFE80
А а Arabic Letter Alef ا‎ A
0x0627 0xFE8D 0xFE8E
Ә ә Hamza + Alef ءا‎ AH
Arabic Letter High Hamza Alef ٵ
Б б Arabic Letter Beh ب B
0x0628 0xFE8F 0xFE90 0xFE91 0xFE92
В в Arabic Letter Oe ۆ V
0x06C6 0xFBD9 0xFBDA
Г г Arabic Letter Gaf گ G
0x06AF 0xFB92 0xFB93 0xFB94 0xFB95
Ғ ғ Arabic Letter Ain ع C
0x0639 0xFEC9 0xFECA 0xFECB 0xFECC
Д д Arabic Letter Dal د D
0x062F 0xFEA9 0xFEAA
Е е Arabic Letter Heh ه E
0x0647 0xFEE9 0xFEEA
Ж ж Arabic Letter Jeem ج J
0x062C 0xFE9D 0xFE9E 0xFE9F 0xFEA0
З з Arabic Letter Zain ز Z
0x0632 0xFEAF 0xFEB0
И и Arabic Letter Yeh ي Y
0x064A 0xFEF1 0xFEF2 0xFEF3 0xFEF4
К к Arabic Letter Kaf ك K
0x0643 0xFED9 0xFEDA 0xFEDB 0xFEDC
Қ қ Arabic Letter Qaf ق Q
0xFED5 0xFED5 0xFED6 0xFED7 0xFED8
Л л Arabic Letter Lam ل L
0x0644 0xFEDD 0xFEDE 0xFEDF 0xFEE0
М м Arabic Letter Meem م M
0x0645 0xFEE1 0xFEE2 0xFEE3 0xFEE4
Н н Arabic Letter Noon ن N
0x0646 0xFEE5 0xFEE6 0xFEE7 0xFEE8
Ң ң Arabic Letter Ng ڭ NH
0x06AD 0xFBD3 0xFBD4 0xFBD5 0xFBD6
О о Arabic Letter Waw و O
0x0648 0xFEED 0xFEEE
Ө ө Hamza + Waw ءو OH
Arabic Letter High Hamza Waw ٶ
П п Arabic Letter Peh پ P
0x067E 0xFB56 0xFB57 0xFB58 0xFB59
Р р Arabic Letter Reh ر R
0x0631 0xFEAD 0xFEAE
С с Arabic Letter Seen س S
0x0633 0xFEB1 0xFEB2 0xFEB3 0xFEB4
Т т Arabic Letter Teh ت T
0x062A 0xFE95 0xFE96 0xFE97 0xFE98
У у Arabic Letter Ve ۋ W
0x06CB 0xFBDE 0xFBDF
Ұ ұ Arabic Letter U ۇ U
0x06C7 0xFBD7 0xFBD8
Ү ү Hamza + U ءۇ UH
Arabic Letter U with Hamza Above ٷ
Ф ф Arabic Letter Feh ف F
0x0641 0xFED1 0xFED2 0xFED3 0xFED4
Х х Arabic Letter Hah ح X
0x062D 0xFEA1 0xFEA2 0xFEA3 0xFEA4
Һ һ Arabic Letter Heh Doachashmee ھ XH
Ч ч Arabic Letter Tcheh چ CH
0x0686 0xFB7A 0xFB7B 0xFB7C 0xFB7D
Ш ш Arabic Letter Sheen ش SH
0x0634 0xFEB5 0xFEB6 0xFEB7 0xFEB8
Щ щ Sheen + Sheen شش
Ы ы Arabic Letter Alef Maksura ى I
0x0649 0xFEEF 0xFEF0 0xFBE8 0xFBE9
І і Hamza + Alef Maksura ءى IH
Arabic Letter High Hamza Yeh ٸ
- Arabic Ligature Lam with Alef -
Э э Heh ه -
Ю ю Yeh + Ve يۋ -
Ц ц Teh + Seen تس -
Ё ё Yeh + Waw يو
Я я Yeh + Alef يا‎ -
Ия يا‎ -
АƏ ا‎ -
ЬЕ ЪЕ يە -
ИЕВ ЕВ يەۆ -
Ъ ъ -
Ь ь


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