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A Python framework for creating test harnesses to grade students' code.

Project description

# Galah-Interact (Python Library)

## What is Galah-Interact

Galah-Interact is a library designed to make it very easy to create Test Harnesses that grade student’s assignments. It provides code to perform a number of tests that many instructors care about (such as checking that code is properly indented, or that proper docstrings are created for each function) along with providing utilities to make more complicated testing much easier (unit testing for example is extremely easy with this library, as you can simply import all of the student’s functions and classes into Python).

The reason for Galah-Interact’s creation was to make it easier to create Test Harnesses for [Galah](, however, we don’t have any intention on locking in this library’s use. The real goal of Galah-Interact is to provide a powerful framework for creating excellent Test Harnesses no matter what the submission system you are using for your class is.

## Examples

Adding tutorials and documentation has not been done yet, but there are examples available under docs/examples/ that is a great place to start.

## Licensing

The code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, which is a very permissive license. You can read a summary of its specific terms on the wikipedia page for the license [here]( The entire license text is also contained within this repository if you’d like to read the license itself.

In short, the license is very permissive and lets you do basically whatever you want with the code as long as you properly attribute the contributers. So as long as you don’t rip out the code and say you wrote it, your probably staying within the terms of the license.

Note that this license is very different than the license that covers [Galah]( itself. Please don’t confuse the two.

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