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Galaxy content importer

Project description


From pypi

pip install galaxy-importer

From source

Clone repo and go into project directory

Install into environment the local including its development dependencies:

pip install -e .[dev]

Run importer

Run parsing/validation standalone to view log output and importer result for a build collection artifact file:

python -m galaxy_importer.main [collection_artifact_file]

Supports legacy roles (note: must be in the parent directory of the legacy role):

python -m galaxy_importer.main --legacy-role [legacy_role_directory] --namespace [namespace]

Supports converting markdown to html:

python -m galaxy_importer.main --markdown [readme_md_directory]

View log output in terminal, and view the importer result in the written file importer_result.json

Structure of Output

  • metadata (all data from MANIFEST.json, set by CollectionLoader._load_collection_manifest())
  • docs_blob (set by CollectionLoader._build_docs_blob())
  • collection_readme
  • documentation_files
  • contents
  • contents
  • requires_ansible


An optional ini configuration file is supported, the following locations are checked in this order:


You can override the above paths by setting GALAXY_IMPORTER_CONFIG in the environment. For example:

$ export GALAXY_IMPORTER_CONFIG=~/galaxy-importer.cfg

Configuration options and their defaults are defined in DEFAULTS at galaxy_importer/

Example configuration file with subset of config options:

ANSIBLE_LOCAL_TMP = '~/.ansible/tmp'
  • ANSIBLE_LOCAL_TMP - Set to any desired local Ansible temp directory. Defaults to ~/.ansible/tmp.

  • ANSIBLE_TEST_LOCAL_IMAGE - Set to True to run ansible-test sandboxed within a container image. Requires installation of either Podman or Docker to run the container. Defaults to False.

  • CHECK_CHANGELOG - Set to False to not check for a CHANGELOG.rst or file under the collection root or docs/ dir, or a changelogs/changelog.yml file. Defaults to True.

  • CHECK_REQUIRED_TAGS - Set to True to check for a set of tags required for Ansible collection certification. Defaults to False.

  • LOCAL_IMAGE_DOCKER - Set to True to run the ansible-test container image via Docker; otherwise, Podman will be used. Defaults to False.

  • LOG_LEVEL_MAIN - Set to the desired log level. Defaults to INFO.

  • OFFLINE_ANSIBLE_LINT - Set to False if you want ansible-lint to check for a new version. Defaults to True.

  • REQUIRE_V1_OR_LATER - Set to True to require a version number 1.0.0 or greater. Defaults to False.

  • RUN_ANSIBLE_DOC - Set to False to skip ansible-doc. Defaults to True.

  • RUN_ANSIBLE_LINT - Set to False to skip running ansible-lint --profile production over the whole collection. Defaults to True.

  • RUN_ANSIBLE_TEST - Set to True to run ansible-test during collection import. Defaults to False.

  • RUN_FLAKE8 - Set to True to run flake8. Defaults to False.

Issues and Process

To file an issue, visit the Automation Hub Jira project

Process details for galaxy-importer:

Additional Notes

Place .md files in the docs/ dir to have them show up in an imported collection's "Documentation" tab on Galaxy or Automation Hub.

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