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Google App Engine project bootstrap

Project description

Google App Engine is excellent technology but there is a gap.

If you are missing

  • use of pip with Google App Engine,

  • cooperation of appengine and virtualenv,

  • possibility to add any module to your python path,

then this barebone could be at least an inspiration for you.

How to use (fill) the gap?

Short version

> workon <myvirtualenv>
> pip install gap
> gap start-project <applicationid>
> cd <applicationid>
> appcfg update src

Long version

  1. Install Google Appengine SDK

  2. Create a virtualenv for you project

  3. if necessary easy_install pip

  4. run pip install gap

  5. Go to directory where you want to create your GAE project.

  6. run gap start-project <projectname> # <projectname> will be used as applicationId

  7. Add your dependencies to requirements.gip (format is the same as pip requirements file) and run bin/gip install -r requirements.gip

  8. or install any packages using bin/gip same way as you are used to do it with pip.

  9. To create a new module in your application run gap start-app <module_name>

  10. Libraries installed using gip are accessible in dev_server as well as on GAE servers.

See Gap documentation on github for more informations.

Any ideas, thoughts, fixes (specially corrections of my English :) are welcome!


Of course … This code is published in hope that someone will find it useful but it is provided as-is and I can take no responsibility for improper as well as proper use.

See also

Enhance GAP with plugins and addons:


Version 0.4.9

  • gip 1. some packages caused gip not to work properly 2. -v option shows a lot of debug informations

  • minor fixes in documentation

  • invalid import in new poject’s

Version 0.4.8

  • mainly enhancements in test suite 1. executable flag on run_test 2. added base class for testing views 3. support for rednose in tests (rednose seems not compatible with multiprocess plugin) 4. Test* classes not imported in utils.__init__ (forced test requirements even when running gap project) 5. test requirements ignored by gip (not usefull on production)

  • fixed link in changelog

  • extended Route class which can better handle ending slash

Version 0.4.7

  • documentation (see doc/index.rst or on github)

Version 0.4.3, 0.4.5

  • fixed missing README.rst in (sorry)

  • changes added to package description

Version 0.4

  • tests in project template (application tests)

  • bin/ipython in project runs ipython (if installed) with gae testbed stubs

  • new apps have model template file now

  • better template loaders to allow install 3rd party modules

  • default 404 page now shows list of routes

  • gap tests can be run from test

  • settings can have defaults in (refer to project’s

Version 0.3

  • added some tests

  • added baseTest classes (many thanks to Lukas Lukovsky)

  • added gap.conf.settings (highly cached db stored settings)

  • minor fixes in

Version 0.2

Major rewrite to enable installation using pip and project creation a-la django.

  • first version of

Version 0.1

Never released

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