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Basic and experimental Gbif Taxon API library for Python

Project description

A simple and pythonic client for Gbif Taxon Webservice. Pretty much work in progress. See [Gbif Taxon Webservice API]( for details.


This is the way to use it:

>>> from gbif import Client
>>> c = Client()
>>> taxon = client.get_by(key=5661746)
<Genus Orchid key=5661746 status='unconfirmed'>
>>> taxon.key
>>> taxon.url
>>> taxon.fullname
>>> taxon.status
>>> taxon.primary
>>> # searching by scientific name and rank
[<Genus Cymbidium key=16286243 status=unconfirmed>, <Genus Cymbidium key=16308408 status=unconfirmed>,
<Genus Cymbidium key=14751259 status=accepted>, <SubGenus Cymbidium key=16069947 status=unconfirmed>]
>>>"Cymbidium", rank="subgenus")
[<SubGenus Cymbidium key=6313072 status=unconfirmed>, <SubGenus Cymbidium key=7843799 status=unconfirmed>,
<SubGenus Cymbidium key=7926640 status=unconfirmed>, <SubGenus Cymbidium key=16069947 status=unconfirmed>,
<SubGenus Cymbidium key=7709563 status=unconfirmed>, <SubGenus Cymbidium key=17001172 status=unconfirmed>,
<SubGenus Cymbidium key=7033101 status=unconfirmed>]
>>>"Cymbidium", rank="genus")
[<Genus Cymbidium key=16286243 status=unconfirmed>, <Genus Cymbidium key=16308408 status=unconfirmed>,
<Genus Cymbidium key=14751259 status=accepted>]
>>>"Cymbidium", rank="species")
>>>"aerides", rank="genus")
[<Genus Aerides key=14750373 status=accepted>]
>>>"orchid", rank="genus")
[<Genus Orchid key=5661746 status=unconfirmed>, <Genus Orchid key=16409837 status=unconfirmed>,
<Genus Orchid key=23768848 status=unconfirmed>]
>>>"cattleya", rank="genus")
[<Genus Cattleya key=13232033 status=accepted>]
>>>"Dendrobium", rank="genus")
[<Genus Dendrobium key=13232902 status=accepted>]
>>>"Dendrobium", rank="species")
>>>"Dendrobium", rank="subgenus")
[<SubGenus Dendrobium key=7927123 status=unconfirmed>, <SubGenus Dendrobium key=16133082 status=unconfirmed>,
<SubGenus Dendrobium key=6417149 status=unconfirmed>, <SubGenus Dendrobium key=6525783 status=unconfirmed>,
<SubGenus Dendrobium key=17000374 status=unconfirmed>, <SubGenus Dendrobium key=7035708 status=unconfirmed>]


Please before using, install [restkit](

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