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A stub emulator for the Google Cloud Storage API

Project description

Local Emulator for Google Cloud Storage

Google doesn't (yet) ship an emulator for the Cloud Storage API like they do for Cloud Datastore.

This is a stub emulator so you can run your tests and do local development without having to connect to the production Storage APIs.


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pip install gcloud-storage-emulator

CLI Usage

Starting the emulator

Start the emulator with:

$ gcloud-storage-emulator start --port=9090

By default, data is stored under $PWD/.cloudstorage. You can configure the folder using the env variables STORAGE_BASE and STORAGE_DIR.

If you wish to run the emulator in a testing environment or if you don't want to persist any data, you can use the --no-store-on-disk parameter. For tests, you might want to consider starting up the server from your code (see the Python APIs)

If you're using the Google client library (e.g. google-cloud-storage for Python) then you can set the STORAGE_EMULATOR_HOST environment variable to tell the library to connect to your emulator endpoint rather than the standard, e.g.:

$ export STORAGE_EMULATOR_HOST=http://localhost:9090

Wiping data

You can wipe the data by running

$ gcloud-storage-emulator wipe

You can pass --keep-buckets to wipe the data while keeping the buckets.

Python APIs

To start a server from your code you can do

from gcloud_storage_emulator.server import create_server

server = create_server("localhost", 9023, in_memory=False)

# ........

You can wipe the data (e.g. for text execution) by calling server.wipe()

This can also be achieved (e.g. during tests) by hitting the /wipe endpoint

Running Tests

With Tox

If you have Tox installed then you can run tests with:

tox -e py37 -- {extra_pytest_args}

With Docker

If you don't have Tox installed on your system but you do have Docker, then you can run the tests using the themattrix/tox image:

docker run -v /ABSOLUTE/PATH/TO/THIS/REPO/ON/YOUR/MACHINE:/app themattrix/tox tox -e py37 [optional additional args for tox...]

With unittest

  • Create and activate a virtualenv (optional but recommended)
  • cd into the repository directory
  • pip install -e
  • python -m unittest gcloud_storage_emulator.tests

Project details

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