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Google Cloud Platform Condor Pool Manager

Project description

Google Cloud Platform Condor Pool Manager (GCPM)

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HTCondor pool manager for Google Cloud Platform.


Package installation

GCPM can be installed by pip:

$ pip install gcpm

Service file installation

To install as service, do:

$ gcpm install

:warning: Service installation is valid only for the system managed by Systemd.

If logrotate is installed, logrotation definition for /var/log/gcpm.log is also installed.

Configuration file

Configuration file path

The default configuration file is ~/.config/gcpm/gcpm.yml.

For service, the configuration file is /etc/gcpm.yml.

To change the configuration file, use --config option:

$ gcpm run --config /path/to/my/gcpm.yml

Configuration file content

A configuration file is YAML format.

Name Description Default Value Mandatory
config_dir Directory for some gcpm related files. ~/.config/gcpm/ (user)
/var/cache/gcpm (service)
oatuh_file Path to OAuth information file for GCE/GCS usage. <config_dir>/oauth No
service_account_file Service account JSON file for GCE/GCS usage.
If not specified, OAuth connection is tried.
- No
project Google Cloud Platform Project Name. - Yes
zone Zone for Google Compute Engine. - Yes
machines Array of machine settings.
Each setting is array of [core, mem, disk, idle, image] (see below).
[] Yes
machines:core Number of core of the machine type. - Yes
machines:mem Memory (MB) of the machine type. - Yes
machines:disk Disk size (GB) of the machine type. - Yes
machines:max Limit of the number of instances for the machine type. - Yes
machines:idle Number of idle machines for the machine type. - Yes
machines:image Image of the machine type. - Yes
machines:<others> Other any options can be defined for creating instance. - No
max_cores Limit of the total number of cores of all instances.
If it is set 0, no limit is applied.
0 No
static_wns Array of instance names of static worker nodes, which are added as condor worker nodes. [] No
required_machines Array of machines which should be running other than worker nodes. [] No
required_machines:name Number of core of the machine type. - Yes
required_machines:mem Memory (MB) of the machine type. - Yes
required_machines:disk Disk size (GB) of the machine type. - Yes
required_machines:image Image of the machine type. - Yes
required_machines:<others> Other any options can be defined for creating instance. - No
primary_accounts User accounts which jobs must run normal worker nodes. See below about primary accounts. [] No
prefix Prefix of machine names. gcp-wn No
preemptible 1 for preemptible machines, 0 for not. 0 No
off_timer Second to send condor_off after starting. 0 No
network_tag Array of GCP network tag. [] No
reuse 1 to reused terminated instance. Otherwise delete and re-created instances. 0 No
interval Second of interval for each loop. 10 No
head_info If head is empty, head node information is automatically taken for each option:
hostname: Hostname
ip: IP address
gcp: Hostname
gcp No
head Head node Hostname/IP address. "" No
port HTCondor port. 9618 No
domain Domain of the head node.
Set empty to take it from hostnaem.
"" No
admin HTCondor admin email address. "" Yes
owner HTCondor owner name. "" Yes
wait_cmd 1 to wait GCE commands result (create/start/stop/delete...). 0 No
bucket Bucket name for pool_password file. "" Yes
storageClass Storage class name of the bucket. "REGIONAL" No
location Storage location for the bucket.
If empty, it is decided from the zone.
"" No
log_file Log file path. Empty to put it in stdout. "" No
log_level Log level. (debug, info, warning, error, critical) info No


  • Primary accounts

If primary accounts are set, jobs of non-primary accounts can run on test worker nodes.

If there are already max number of 1 core worker nodes and idle jobs of non-primary accounts are there, test worker node named <prefix&gt-test-1core-XXXX will be launched and only non-primary account jobs can run on it.

This able to run such a test job w/o waiting for finishing any normal jobs.

Such test worker nodes can be launched until total cores are smaller than max_core.

To use this function effectively, set total of max of each core to less than max_core.


  core: 1
  max: 10
  core: 8
  max:  2
max_core: 20
  - condor_primary

In this case, normal jobs can launch 10 1 core machines and 2 8 core machines, then 16 cores are used.

Even if there are a log of idle condor_primary's jobs, 1 core test jobs by other accounts can run: 4 jobs at most.

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