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Generic programming library for Python

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Generic programming library for Python

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Generic is a library for Generic programming, also known as Multiple dispatch.

The Generic library supports:

  • multi-dispatch: like functools.singledispatch, but for more than one parameter
  • multi-methods: multi-dispatch, but for methods
  • event dispatching: based on a hierarchical event structure (event objects)

You can read documentation hosted at excellent project. Development takes place on github.



  • Replace print statements with logging
  • Enable trusted publisher for PyPI
  • Create Security Policy
  • Update LICENSE to BSD 3-Clause
  • Add support for Python 3.12
  • Simplify build: drop tox
  • Update documentation theme to Furo
  • Switch linting to ruff


  • Add support for Python 3.11
  • Move mypy configuration to pyproject.toml
  • Enable automatic release of new versions with CI


  • Rename master branch to main
  • generic.event.Manager executes all handlers and throws an ExceptionGroup in case of errors


  • Add Support for Python 3.10, Drop Support for Python 3.7
  • Enable Pre-commit Hooks for isort, toml, yaml, pyupgrade, docformatter, and flake8
  • Migrate to GitHub Actions


  • Updated documentation on Readthedocs
  • Fix multimethod.otherwise clause


  • Ported the code to Python 3.7, Python 2 is no longer supported
  • Multimethods now have their own module
  • The interface now mimics functools.singledispatch:
    • the when method has been renamed to register
    • overriding of methods is no longer possible


  • Minor fixes in distribution.


  • Event management with event inheritance support.


  • Methods with multidispatch by object type and positional arguments.
  • Override multifunctions with override method.


  • Registry with simple and type axes.
  • Functions with multidispatch by positional arguments.

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