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geobr: Download Official Spatial Data Sets of Brazil

Project description

geobr: Download Official Spatial Data Sets of Brazil

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geobr is a computational package to download official spatial data sets of Brazil. The package includes a wide range of geospatial data in geopackage format (like shapefiles but better), available at various geographic scales and for various years with harmonized attributes, projection and topology (see detailed list of available data sets below).



To start the development environment run

. .venv/bin/activate

Test with

python -m pytest

You can use a helper to translate a function from R. If you want to add read_biomes, just run

python helpers/ read_biomes

It will scrape the original R function to get documentation and metadata. It adds:

  • default year
  • function name
  • documentation one liner
  • larger documentation
  • very basic tests

! Be aware that if the function that you are adding is more complicated than the template. So, double always double check !

Before pushing, run

make prepare-push

For Windows

We recommend using conda and creating an environment that includes all libraries simultaneously.

First create an environment and install Shapely and GDAL as such:

conda create --name geobr_env python=3.7

Activate the environmnet

conda activate geobr_env

Then add Shapely from conda-forge channel conda install shapely gdal -c conda-forge

Then the other packages conda install fiona pandas geopandas requests -c conda-forge

Alternatively, type on a terminal

conda create --name <env> --file conda_requirements.txt

Finally, if not using conda, try:

pip install -r pip_requirements.txt

Translation Status

Function Translated? Easy?
read_amazon Yes Super
read_biomes Yes Super
read_census_tract Yes No
read_comparable_areas No Yes
read_conservation_units Yes Super
read_country Yes Super
read_disaster_risk_area Yes Super
read_health_facilities Yes Super
read_health_region Yes Super
read_immediate_region Yes Yes
read_indigenous_land Yes Super
read_intermediate_region Yes Yes
read_meso_region Yes No
read_metro_area Yes Super
read_micro_region Yes No
read_municipal_seat Yes Super
read_municipality Yes No
read_region Yes Super
read_semiarid Yes Super
read_state Yes Super
read_statistical_grid No No
read_urban_area Yes Super
read_urban_concentrations No Super
read_weighting_area Yes No
list_geobr Yes Yes
lookup_muni Yes No
read_neighborhood Yes Yes

Release new version

poetry version [patch|minor|major]
poetry publish --build

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

geobr-0.2.0.tar.gz (17.5 kB view hashes)

Uploaded source

Built Distribution

geobr-0.2.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl (34.1 kB view hashes)

Uploaded py2 py3

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