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Classes for working with US Census geoids

Project description


Classes for working with census geoids

This module provides dynamically generated classes for parsing and creating each of the approximately 85 Census summary levels. It can parse the forms of genoides that appear in the Decenial Census, the ACS, and Tiger files. Additionally, it can read and write a more compact format, civick, that use base62 representation for the numbers.


The geoid module in file geoid/, has a list of the geoid classes that you can instantiate. Or, to print the list:

$ python -c 'import geoid; print geoid.names'

The first dozen are the ones you'll use most frequently:

'us': 10,
'region': 20,
'division': 30,
'state': 40,
'county': 50,
'cosub': 60,
'place': 160,
'ua': 400,
'tract': 140,
'blockgroup': 150,
'block': 101,
'sdelm': 950,
'sdsec': 960,
'sduni': 970,
'zcta': 860

The classes are all dynamically generated, so you won't be able to find a class file.

from geoid import acs
g = acs.Blockgroup(53, 33, 1800, 3)
print g.state, g.county.g.tract.g.blockgroup

gs = str(g)
g = acs.AcsGeoid.parse(gs)





Parse Generally, or parse to a specific class.

Access Members

Promotion, Conversion, Summarization, AllVals

Promote: create a higher level geoid from a lower level one Convert: Change the type, for instance from a Census geoid to an ACS geoid Summarize: Create a value to represent a summary level AllVal: Create a value to represent coverage of an entire region


The geoids don't preserve the component, so, for instance, '03001US1' will get changed to '03000US1'

Running tests

git clone
cd geoid
python test

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