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Package for GeoServer rest API

Project description

Python wrapper for GeoServer REST API

Downloads License: MIT

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Full documentation

The documentation for this project is moved here:


The geoserver-rest package is useful for the management of geospatial data in GeoServer. The package is useful for the creating, updating and deleting geoserver workspaces, stores, layers, and style files.


conda install -c conda-forge geoserver-rest

For the pip installation, check the official documentation of geoserver-rest

Some examples

Please check the for full documentation.

# Import the library
from geo.Geoserver import Geoserver

# Initialize the library
geo = Geoserver('', username='admin', password='geoserver')

# For creating workspace

# For uploading raster data to the geoserver
geo.create_coveragestore(layer_name='layer1', path=r'path\to\raster\file.tif', workspace='demo')

# For creating postGIS connection and publish postGIS table
geo.create_featurestore(store_name='geo_data', workspace='demo', db='postgres', host='localhost', pg_user='postgres',
geo.publish_featurestore(workspace='demo', store_name='geo_data', pg_table='geodata_table_name')

# For uploading SLD file and connect it with layer
geo.upload_style(path=r'path\to\sld\file.sld', workspace='demo')
geo.publish_style(layer_name='geoserver_layer_name', style_name='sld_file_name', workspace='demo')

# For creating the style file for raster data dynamically and connect it with layer
geo.create_coveragestyle(raster_path=r'path\to\raster\file.tiff', style_name='style_1', workspace='demo',
geo.publish_style(layer_name='geoserver_layer_name', style_name='raster_file_name', workspace='demo')

# delete workspace

# delete layer
geo.delete_layer(layer_name='agri_final_proj', workspace='demo')

# delete style file
geo.delete_style(style_name='kamal2', workspace='demo')


Geoserver-rest is the open source library written in python and contributors are needed to keep this library moving forward. Any kind of contributions are welcome. Here are the basic rule for the new contributors:

  1. Please use the request library for the http request.
  2. One feature per pull request (If the PR is huge, you need to create a issue and discuss).
  3. Please add the update about your PR on the change log documentation as well.


Full paper is available here:

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