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A simple tool to summarize github issues across projects

Project description

# GHTix - The Github Issue Tool

Right now, this is just a python script to grab your github issues from
multiple projects and spit out your open tickets and due dates associated with milestones.

$ -h
Usage: [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-p Sort by project name (default)
-t Sort by time / due date
-d Output remaining days instead of due date
-a Include ALL issues even without milestone or due date
-e Show empty projects without any issues assigned
-q Quiet - no stderr messages, only issues list

Configure with a `~/.ghtix.json` file

"username": "myusername",
"password": "mysupersecretpassword",
"projects": [
{"owner": "ecotrust", "name": "bioregion-discovery"},
{"owner": "perrygeo", "name": "ghtix"}

The default behavior showing due date and sorting by project

fetching a_test_project tickets...
fetching ghtix tickets...
a_test_project 4-7-2012 (Define Analysis..) #7 Modeling Framework
a_test_project 3-15-2012 (Software Scoping) #40 Data model
ghtix 3-12-2012 (0.1 Release) #6 Better way to configure
ghtix 3-12-2012 (0.1 Release) #5 PyPi page

Showing date delta (-d) and sorting by time (-t)

$ -dt
fetching a_test_project tickets...
fetching ghtix tickets...
ghtix 14 days (0.1 Release) #6 Better way to configure
ghtix 14 days (0.1 Release) #5 PyPi page
a_test_project 17 days (Software Scoping) #40 Data model
a_test_project 40 days (Define Analysis..) #7 Modeling Framework

Setup is easy as pip

pip install ghtix

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ghtix-0.1.7.tar.gz (6.5 kB view hashes)

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