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Jina is the cloud-native neural search solution powered by the state-of-the-art AI and deep learning

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Jina is an open-source deep-learning powered search framework, empowering developers to create cross-modal or multi-modal search systems for text, images, video, and audio. Jina is a cloud-native project, and provides long-term support from a full-time, venture-backed team.

⏱️ Time Saver - Bootstrap an AI-powered system in just a few minutes with cookiecutter.

🧠 First-Class AI models - Jina is a new design pattern for neural search systems with first-class support for state-of-the-art AI models like Faiss, Annoy, Onnx, and more.

🌌 Universal Search - Large-scale indexing and querying data of any kind on multiple platforms. Video, image, long/short text, music, source code, and more.

🚀 Production Ready - Cloud-native features out-of-the-box, like containerization, microservice, distributing, scaling, sharding, async IO, REST, gRPC.

🧩 Plug & Play - With Jina Hub, you can extend Jina with simple Python scripts or Docker images optimized for your search domain.


Get Started

From PyPi

On Linux/MacOS with Python >= 3.7:

pip install jina

To install Jina with extra dependencies, or install on Raspberry Pi please refer to the documentation.

With Cookiecutter

pip install cookiecutter && cookiecutter gh:jina-ai/cookiecutter-jina

With Cookiecutter you can easily create a Jina project from templates with one terminal command. This creates a Python entrypoint, YAML configs and a Dockerfile. You can start from there.

In a Docker Container

We provide a universal Docker image that supports multiple architectures (including x64, x86, arm-64/v7/v6). Simply run:

docker run jinaai/jina --help

Jina "Hello, World!" 👋🌍

As a starter, you can try out our "Hello, World" - a simple demo of image neural search for Fashion-MNIST. No extra dependencies needed, just run:

jina hello-world

...or even easier for Docker users, no install required:

docker run -v "$(pwd)/j:/j" jinaai/jina hello-world --workdir /j && open j/hello-world.html  # replace "open" with "xdg-open" on Linux
Click here to see console output

hello world console output

The Docker image downloads the Fashion-MNIST training and test dataset and tells Jina to index 60,000 images from the training set. Then it randomly samples images from the test set as queries and asks Jina to retrieve relevant results. The whole process takes about 1 minute, and eventually opens a webpage and shows results like this:

Jina banner

The implementation behind it is simple:

Python API or use YAML spec or use Dashboard
from jina.flow import Flow

f = (Flow()
        .add(uses='encoder.yml', parallel=2)
        .add(uses='indexer.yml', shards=2,

with f:
    f.index(fashion_mnist, batch_size=1024)
    uses: encoder.yml
    parallel: 2
    uses: indexer.yml
    shards: 2
    separated_workspace: true

Flow in Dashboard

Explore sharding, containerization, concatenating embeddings, and more

Adding Parallelism and Sharding

from jina.flow import Flow

f = (Flow().add(uses='encoder.yml', parallel=2)
           .add(uses='indexer.yml', shards=2, separated_workspace=True))

Distributing the Flow

from jina.flow import Flow

f = Flow().add(uses='encoder.yml', host='')

Using a Docker Container

from jina.flow import Flow

f = (Flow().add(uses='jinahub/cnn-encode:0.1')
           .add(uses='jinahub/faiss-index:0.2', host=''))

Concatenating Embeddings

from jina.flow import Flow

f = (Flow().add(name='eb1', uses='BiTImageEncoder')
           .add(name='eb2', uses='KerasImageEncoder', needs='gateway')
           .needs(['eb1', 'eb2'], uses='_concat'))

Enabling Network Queries

from jina.flow import Flow

f = Flow(port_expose=45678, rest_api=True)

with f:

Intrigued? Play with different options:

jina hello-world --help


Jina 101 Concept Illustration Book, Copyright by Jina AI Limited   

Jina 101: First Things to Learn About Jina

  English日本語FrançaisPortuguêsDeutschРусский язык中文عربية
Level Tutorials


Build an NLP Semantic Search System

Search South Park scripts and practice with Flows and Pods


My First Jina App

Using cookiecutter for bootstrap a jina app


Fashion Search with Query Language

Spice up the Hello-World with Query Language


Use Chunk to search Lyrics

Split documents in order to search on a finegrained level


Mix and Match images and captions

Search cross modal to get images from captions and vice versa


Scale Up Video Semantic Search

Improve performance using prefetching and sharding


The best way to learn Jina in depth is to read our documentation. Documentation is built on every push, merge, and release of the master branch.

The Basics


Are you a "Doc"-star? Join us! We welcome all kinds of improvements on the documentation.

Documentation for older versions is archived here.


We welcome all kinds of contributions from the open-source community, individuals and partners. We owe our success to your active involvement.

Contributors ✨

All Contributors


  • Slack workspace - a communication platform for developers to discuss Jina
  • YouTube channel - subscribe to the latest video tutorials, release demos, webinars and presentations.
  • LinkedIn - get to know Jina AI as a company and find job opportunities
  • Twitter Follow - follow us and interact with using hashtag #JinaSearch
  • Company - know more about our company and how we are fully committed to open-source.

Open Governance

GitHub milestones lay out the path to Jina's future improvements.

As part of our open governance model, we host Jina's Engineering All Hands in public. This Zoom meeting recurs monthly on the second Tuesday of each month, at 14:00-15:30 (CET). Everyone can join in via the following calendar invite.

The meeting will also be live-streamed and later published to our YouTube channel.

Join Us

Jina is an open-source project. We are hiring full-stack developers, evangelists, and PMs to build the next neural search ecosystem in open source.


Copyright (c) 2020 Jina AI Limited. All rights reserved.

Jina is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.

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