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Toolbox for Time Series analysis and integration with Machine Learning.

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giotto-time is a machine learning based time series forecasting toolbox in Python. It is part of the Giotto collection of open-source projects and aims to provide feature extraction, analysis, causality testing and forecasting models based on scikit-learn API.


giotto-time is distributed under the AGPLv3 license. If you need a different distribution license, please contact the L2F team at


Getting started

Get started with giotto-time by following the installation steps below. Simple tutorials and real-world use cases can be found in example folder as notebooks.


User installation

Run this command in your favourite python environment

pip install giotto-time

Developer installation

Get the latest state of the source code with the command

git clone
cd giotto-time
pip install -e ".[tests, doc]"


from gtime import *
from gtime.feature_extraction import *
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from sklearn.linear_model import LinearRegression

# Create random DataFrame with DatetimeIndex
X_dt = pd.DataFrame(np.random.randint(4, size=(20)),
                    index=pd.date_range("2019-12-20", "2020-01-08"),

# Convert the DatetimeIndex to PeriodIndex and create y matrix
X = preprocessing.TimeSeriesPreparation().transform(X_dt)
y = model_selection.horizon_shift(X, horizon=2)

# Create some features
cal = feature_generation.Calendar(region="europe", country="Switzerland", kernel=np.array([1, 2]))
X_f = compose.FeatureCreation(
    [('s_2', Shift(2), ['time_series']),
     ('ma_3', MovingAverage(window_size=3), ['time_series']),
     ('cal', cal, ['time_series'])]).fit_transform(X)

# Train/test split
X_train, y_train, X_test, y_test = model_selection.FeatureSplitter().transform(X_f, y)

# Try sklearn's MultiOutputRegressor as time-series forecasting model
gar = forecasting.GAR(LinearRegression()), y_train).predict(X_test)


We welcome new contributors of all experience levels. The Giotto community goals are to be helpful, welcoming, and effective. To learn more about making a contribution to giotto-time, please see the CONTRIBUTING.rst file.



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