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Scan local or remote git repositories for history divergent from origin

Project description


Git-Scan is a command-line utility to scan local or remote git repositories for history that is divergent from the remote branch. It is particularly useful when dealing with multiple git repositories across multiple machines where pulls and pushes are missed, stashes are forgotten about, files are left untracked, etc.


  • Scan repositories for missing push & pulls, uncommited changes, untracked files, leftover stashes, and dangling branches
  • Automatically pull or push a group of repositories
  • Open repositories in need of changes in TMUX windows
  • Execute over SSH to git-scan on a different computer
  • Configuration file to list scannable repositories


To run a git-scan

git-scan [--push] [--pull] [--repo] [--tmux] [--ssh]

where the optional arguments are

  • push: push repository changes if ahead of remote
  • pull: pull repository changes if behind remote and there are no merge conflicts
  • repo: list of repositories to scan (defaults to all in the configuration file)
  • tmux: open all repositories with problems to fix in a TMUX window
  • ssh: run the git-scan on the provided ssh host

To add a repository to the list of scannable repositories

git-scan add /path/to/repository

To remove a repository

git-scan remove /path/to/repository

To list all scannable repositories

git-scan list [--resolve]


Git-Scan can be installed with pip

pip install git-scan

If installed with the --user flag, make sure to add ~/.local/bin to your PATH

Configuration File

A configuration file located at ~/.config/git-scan/git-scan.conf is created. This is a TOML file listing the scannable repositories:

repositories = ["/path/to/repository_1", "/path/to/repository_2"]

The config file can be editted manually or changed using the add and remove commands. Glob patterns and tilde expansions are allowed, i.e. "~/path/to/repos/*"


Git-Scan is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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