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manager multi git repo ssh keys in one machine, with multi private or public repo.

this command will auto generate the key and add it to your ssh config


pip install git-ssh-key

run command with your repo link like


it will print the new alias repo link and the new public key,

New repo address:
New repo public rsa key: /Users/alingse/.ssh/

the public key has already been configured in your ssh config file, remember add it to repo's setting keys (

and then just clone like this

git clone

more options see

git-ssh-key --help
git-ssh-key -c git.ssh.config --keys ./../ -t web-backend

How it work

I ever see some stackoverflow and github gist, and just make them a tool

git-ssh-key will read .ssh/config (default) and write into an alias host config.

like this

User git
IdentityFile /Users/alingse/.ssh/

the f5851eb is tag, default generate by hash(url)


pdm see

pdm install

pdm build

pdm run git-ssh-key --help


add once

pdm config publish.username xxx
pdm config publish.password yyy
pdm publish

more TODO

  1. show public key ?
  2. add more test ?
  3. better giturlparse

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