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git-x - a set of handy git extensions.

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git-x - a set of handy git extensions.


pip install git-x --upgrade

How to Use

Show help message



, or ignore the - in git-x:

git x

It will output the help message, which showing all the available commands:

$ git x
Usage: git-x [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  -h  Show this message and exit.

  a      Add file contents to the index
  amend  Amend files into repository
  b      Show current branch name
  ci     Commit all the indexed files
  cia    Add files into index and commit
  clb    Clean merged local branch.
  co     Checkout/Create branch
  llg    Show recent <number> logs
  m      Merge codes from branch <from> to current branch
  p      Pull latest code
  pr     Create pull request from current branch to <to_branch>
  st     Show the working tree status
  up     Create remote branch

Note: If you have an exe like git-x.exe in windows, or in linux or mac, you can run the command with git x directly. This is handled by git.

Run commands

git-x includes a list of commands, let’s take st as an example:

There are several ways to run the command:

1. Run with git-x


git x st -h


git-x st -h

It will output the help doc of st command:

$ git x st -h
Usage: git-x st [OPTIONS]

  Show file status, same as 'git status'

  -h  Show this message and exit.
2. Run with git- or git

You may see that in the Usage line, it shows git-st, which means that you can run the commands listed above with git-:

git-st -h

Or, even run with git:

git st -h

They both output the help doc of st command:

$ git-st -h
Usage: git-st [OPTIONS]

  Show file status, same as 'git status'

  -h  Show this message and exit.

Usages of all commands

Please read the Usage to see all the available commands.


You need to install git cli tool first, as all the commands will call the native git commands eventually.

Finally, happy git-ing with git-x.

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