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A Git URL parsing module (supports parsing and rewriting)

Project description

Parse & rewrite git urls (supports GitHub, Bitbucket, FriendCode, Assembla, Gitlab …)

This is a fork of with updated parsers.

Original project can be found at


pip install giturlparse


Exposed attributes

  • platform: platform codename

  • host: server hostname

  • resource: same as host

  • port: URL port (only if explicitly defined in URL)

  • protocol: URL protocol (git, ssh, http/https)

  • protocols: list of protocols explicitly defined in URL

  • user: repository user

  • owner: repository owner (user or organization)

  • repo: repository name

  • name: same as repo

  • groups: list of groups - gitlab only

  • path: path to file or directory (includes the branch name) - gitlab / github only

  • path_raw: raw path starting from the repo name (might include platform keyword) - gitlab / github only

  • branch: branch name (when parseable) - gitlab / github only


from giturlparse import parse

p = parse(''), p.owner, p.repo

# => ('', 'AaronO', 'some-repo')


from giturlparse import parse

url = ''

p = parse(url)

p.url2ssh, p.url2https, p.url2git, p.url2http
# => ('', '', 'git://', None)


Alternative URLs for same repo:

from giturlparse import parse

url = ''

# => {
#     'ssh': '',
#     'https': '',
#     'git': 'git://'
# }


from giturlparse import parse, validate

url = ''

# => True

# Or

# => True


python test


Apache v2 (Check out LICENSE file)


0.10.0 (2020-12-05)


  • General matching improvements (#18)

  • Update tooling, drop python2 (#10213)

0.9.2 (2018-10-27)

  • Removed “s” from the base platform regex

  • Fix license classifier in

  • Update meta files

0.9.1 (2018-01-20)

  • First fork release

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