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GMC Geiger counter api

Project description


gmc geiger counter api

about the device

gmc geiger counter

An inexpensive geiger counter that has many software interface projects.
This tool can be found on amazon.

aim of this project

This project gmc updates to python3 and attempts to simplify some of the features of the gmc api. Many of the bug fixes and were utilized from other projects as listed in


Using pip I suggest creating a virtualenv first.

python3 -m venv venv
source ./venv/bin/activate

Then install gmc using pip from web

pip install gmc

Or from local directory

pip install ~/projects/rad/gmc


>>> from gmc import GMC
>>> g = GMC()  # or with configuration GMC({'DEFAULT_BAUDRATE':57600})
>>> g.version()
'GMC-300Re 4.22'


  • access to gmc device api functions
  • read and modify configuration
  • read history
  • heartbeat as non blocking process
  • modular configuration per device model
  • utilize ctypes.Structure for confiuration model
  • tests using pytest
  • preparation setup for pypi deployment
  • GMC class has a logger = logging='gmc.gmc'
  • inject configuration into GMC to override gmc.config


  • parse history logs
  • issues with writing configuration - mostly works
  • example scripts to report to internet radiation detection sites.

other projects

There are others out there too. Here is what I worked from.





radiation mapping sites

bash binary files

gmc produces a tmp file of history data. it is in binary format

take a look at the raw history data file.


od -t x1 /tmp/tmpdmtc4ow1.bin

hexdump -x /tmp/tmpdmtc4ow1.bin

hd /tmp/tmpdmtc4ow1.bin | HEAD

xxd /tmp/tmpdmtc4ow1.bin | head


testing could be harmful to your device. you may have to factory reset it with some types of commands.

this will activate all tests


just run one test by name

pytest --pdb -k test_device

usb connection

different per system.

create udev-usb to describe linux connections.

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