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An unofficial api for Google Play Music.

Project description

gmusicapi allows control of Google Music with Python.

from gmusicapi import Mobileclient

api = Mobileclient()
# after running api.perform_oauth() once:
api.oauth_login('<a previously-registered device id>')
# => True

library = api.get_all_songs()
sweet_track_ids = [track['id'] for track in library
                   if track['artist'] == 'The Cat Empire']

playlist_id = api.create_playlist('Rad muzak')
api.add_songs_to_playlist(playlist_id, sweet_track_ids)

gmusicapi is not supported nor endorsed by Google.

That said, it’s actively maintained, and powers a bunch of cool projects:

Getting started

Start with the usage docs, which will guide you through installation and the available apis.

Once you’re up and running, you can explore the rest of the docs at

If the documentation doesn’t answer your questions, or you just want to get in touch, either drop by #gmusicapi on Freenode or shoot me an email.

Status and updates

build_status repominder_status

  • January 2020: Python 2 support dropped.

  • November 2018: proper OAuth support for the mobileclient.

  • February 2016: Python 3 support!

  • September 2015: Google switched to a new music uploading endpoint, breaking uploading for outdated versions of gmusicapi.

  • June 2015: Full mobileclient and webclient functionality was restored.

  • May 2015: Limited mobileclient functionality was restored.

  • April 2015: Google deprecated clientlogin, breaking both the webclient and mobileclient.

  • November 2013: I started working fulltime at Venmo, meaning this project is back to night and weekend development.

For fine-grained development updates, follow me on Twitter: @simonmweber.


As of 1.0.0, semantic versioning is used.


released 2020-03-27

  • breaking: drop Python 2 support

  • fix an album name schema failure


released 2019-07-13

  • open default log file as utf-8 to avoid windows encoding problems


released 2019-04-20

  • deprecate Mobileclient.get_promoted_songs in favor of Mobileclient.get_top_songs to clarify its behavior. Functionality remains the same.


released 2019-01-08

  • breaking: remove gmusicapi.clients.OAUTH_FILEPATH. Use Musicmanager.OAUTH_FILEPATH instead.


released 2018-12-04

  • add back gmusicapi.clients.OAUTH_FILEPATH after it was removed in 11.1.0 (a breaking change)

  • deprecate gmusicapi.clients.OAUTH_FILEPATH in favor of Musicmanager.OAUTH_FILEPATH


released 2018-11-30

  • add Mobileclient OAuth support (perform_oauth and oauth_login) and deprecate email/password auth, which Google now often rejects. It works the same way as the Musicmanager; see the docs for an example.

  • update schema


released 2018-11-19

  • fix a number of bugs with


released 2018-09-19

  • fix an “__init__() takes at most 4…” warning coming from oauth2client


released 2018-09-09

  • fix validation of “ios:…” format device ids

  • add inLibrary field to station docs


released 2018-03-18

  • update schemas


released 2017-12-09

  • breaking: list calls now default to max_results=None, increasing the default number of results from 100 to 999

  • add updated_after param to song/playlist listing to support differential updates

  • add support for free radio stations

  • add filepath+extension to unsupported file exception message

  • fix “I’m Feeling Lucky” station never refreshing its seed

  • fix crashes caused by some 503s during uploading

  • fix gmtools for

  • fix AAC and ALAC content type upload detection

  • blacklist requests 2.8.2

  • improve id documentation

  • update schemas


released 2017-04-03

  • validate device ids to prevent 403s during streaming

  • fix LocalUnboundError during login for some environments

  • update schemas


released 2017-02-10

  • deprecate include_deleted param to greatly speed up responses for Mobileclient.get_all_*

  • now works on non-subscription accounts

  • fix logging IOError on read-only filesystems

  • fix problems caused by broken requests IDNA support


released 2016-10-31

  • deprecate the Webclient

  • add podcast support to Mobileclient:
    • get_all_podcast_series

    • get_all_podcast_episodes

    • add_podcast_series

    • delete_podcast_series

    • edit_podcast_series

    • get_podcast_episode_stream_url

    • get_podcast_episode_info

    • get_podcast_series_info

    • get_browse_podcast_hierarchy

    • get_browse_podcast_series

  • add Mobileclient.add_store_tracks

  • add Mobileclient.rate_songs

  • add Musicmanager.get_quota

  • fix get_all_user_playlist_contents hanging for large playlists

  • fix is_authenticated status after uploader_id exceptions

  • fix upload progress tracker remaining after upload

  • various internal improvements and schema updates


released 2016-06-04

  • switch to pycryptodomex

  • minor schema adjustments


released 2016-05-01

  • breaking: Mobileclient.search_all_access is now

  • breaking: Mobileclient.add_aa_track is now Mobileclient.add_store_track

  • add situation_hits and video_hits to

  • add methods Mobileclient.deauthorize_device, .get_listen_now_items, and .get_listen_now_situations

  • add property Mobileclient.is_subscribed

  • add playlists and curated stations as station seeds

  • add params locale and subscription to Mobileclient.login

  • add param enable_transcoding to Musicmanager.upload

  • update to newer Google apis, returning more data in responses

  • reduce memory usage during uploading

  • fix a variety of bugs, mostly python2/3 type errors


released 2016-03-05

  • breaking: attempting to reupload a file after changing only its tags will result in a rejection as a duplicate upload (it used to upload successfully)

  • fix webclient login after Google changes

  • fix 'str' object has no attribute 'refresh'

  • prevent upstream protobufs TypeError by locking version

  • a ‘matched’ value may be returned even if matching is not enabled if we were unable to disallow matching


released 2016-02-08

  • breaking: drop support for python < 2.7.9

  • add (experimental) python 3 support!

  • add Musicmanager.get_purchased_songs

  • add station_hits to search_all_access results

  • add disc_number and total_disc_count to Musicmanager.get_uploaded_songs

  • add a prompt for device id in tests

  • upgrade gpsoauth, removing dependency on pycrypto

  • deprecate Webclient.create_playlist and Webclient.get_registered_devices

  • fix various packaging problems

  • fix KeyError in Mobileclient.get_station_tracks

  • fix a TypeError from requests

  • fix various bits of the docs


released 2015-09-19

  • breaking: python 2.6 is no longer supported

  • breaking: webclient.get_registered_devices has a slightly different schema

  • fix Webclient authentication and get_stream_urls

  • fix MusicManager uploading: Google shut down the rupio endpoint

  • fix certificate validation

  • fix album artist metadata not being upload


released 2015-06-20

  • fix creation of multiple android devices from android_id=None; support creating device ids from mac address.

  • android_id is now optional for mobileclient.get_stream_url, defaulting to android_id from login()


released 2015-06-02

  • breaking: Webclient.login temporarily broken after clientlogin deprecation

  • breaking: Mobileclient.get_thumbs_up_songs renamed to mobileclient.get_promoted_songs

  • breaking: Mobileclient.change_playlist_name is now edit_playlist

  • fix Mobileclient.login breakage due to clientlogin deprecation

  • fix Mobileclient.get_genres: return a list and handle invalid parent genres

  • add support for filtering out recently played station tracks to Mobileclient.get_station_tracks

  • add public playlist results to Mobileclient.search_all_access

  • add Mobileclient.get_registered_devices

  • add quality option to Mobileclient.get_stream_url

  • add support for public playlist creation to Mobileclient.create_playlist

  • make optional description param for Webclient.create_playlist

  • better handle locating mp3 transcoder


released 2014-06-08

  • breaking: remove webclient.change_song_metadata; use mobileclient.change_song_metadata instead

  • breaking: remove webclient.get_all_songs; use mobileclient.get_all_songs instead

  • breaking: remove webclient.get_playlist_songs; use mobileclient.get_all_user_playlist_contents instead

  • breaking: remove webclient.get_all_playlist_ids; use mobileclient.get_all_user_playlists instead

  • breaking: webclient.upload_album_art now returns a url to the uploaded image

  • breaking: due to backend changes, mobileclient.change_song_metadata can only change ratings

  • add mobileclient.get_thumbs_up_songs

  • add mobileclient.increment_song_playcount

  • add webclient.create_playlist, which is capable of creating public playlists

  • add webclient.get_shared_playlist_info


released 2014-01-20

  • add verify_ssl option to client init

  • greatly loosen dependency version requirements


released 2013-12-11

  • remove extraneous logging introduced in 3.0.0 – this could have logged auth details, so it’s recommended to delete old logs


released 2013-11-03

  • Musicmanager.get_all_songs is now Musicmanager.get_uploaded_songs

  • Mobileclient.get_all_playlist_contents is now Mobileclient.get_all_user_playlist_contents, and will no longer return results for subscribed playlists

  • add Mobileclient.get_shared_playlist_contents

  • add Mobileclient.reorder_playlist_entry

  • add Mobileclient.change_song_metadata

  • add Mobileclient.get_album_info

  • add Mobileclient.get_track_info

  • add Mobileclient.get_genres

  • compatibility fixes


released 2013-08-01

  • remove broken Webclient.{create_playlist, change_playlist, copy_playlist, search, change_playlist_name}

  • add Mobileclient; this will slowly replace most of the Webclient, so prefer it when possible

  • add support for streaming All Access songs

  • add Webclient.get_registered_devices

  • add a toggle to turn off validation per client

  • raise an exception when a song dictionary is passed instead of an id


released 2013-05-16

  • add support for listing/downloading songs with the Musicmanager. When possible, this should be preferred to the Webclient’s method, since it does not have a download quota.

  • fix a bug where the string representing a machine’s mac was not properly formed for use as an uploader_id. This will cause another machine to be registered for some users; the old device can be identified from its lack of a version number.

  • verify user-provided uploader_ids


released 2013-04-19

  • get_all_songs can optionally return a generator

  • compatibility updates for AddPlaylist call

  • log to appdirs.user_log_dir by default

  • add open_browser param to perform_oauth


released 2013-04-02

  • breaking: Api has been split into Webclient and Musicmanager

  • breaking: semantic versioning (previous versions removed from PyPi)

  • Music Manager OAuth support

  • faster uploading when matching is disabled

  • faster login


  • add artistMatchedId to metadata

  • tests are no longer a mess


  • add support for uploading album art (docs)

  • add support for .m4b files

  • add CancelUploadJobs call (not exposed in api yet)

  • Python 2.6 compatibility

  • reduced peak memory usage when uploading

  • logging improvements

  • improved error messages when uploading


  • user now controls logging (docs)

  • documentation overhaul


  • fix international logins


  • fix packaging issues


  • improve handling of strange metadata when uploading

  • add a dependency on dateutil


  • breaking: upload returns a 3-tuple (docs)

  • breaking: get_all_playlist_ids always returns lists of ids; remove always_id_lists option (docs)

  • breaking: remove suppress_failure option in Api.__init__

  • breaking: copy_playlist orig_id argument renamed to playlist_id (docs)

  • new: report_incorrect_match (only useful for Music Manager uploads) (docs)

  • uploading fixed

  • avconv replaces ffmpeg

  • scan and match is supported

  • huge code improvements


  • compatibility update for playlist mutation

  • various metadata compatibility updates


  • bugfix: support for uploading uppercase filenames (Tom Graham)

  • bugfix: fix typo in multidownload validation, and add test


  • metadata compatibility updates (storeId, lastPlayed)

  • fix uploading of unicode filenames without tags


  • update allowed rating values to 1-5 (David Dooling)

  • update metajamId to matchedId (David Dooling)

  • fix broken expectation about disc/track numbering metadata


  • change to the 3-clause BSD license

  • add Kevin Kwok to AUTHORS


  • improve code in

  • support uploading of all Google-supported formats: m4a, ogg, flac, wma, mp3. Non-mp3 are transcoded to 320kbs abr mp3 using ffmpeg

  • introduce dependency on ffmpeg. for non-mp3 uploading, it needs to be in path and have the needed transcoders available

  • get_playlists is now get_all_playlist_ids, and is faster

  • add an exception CallFailure. Api functions raise it if the server says their request failed

  • add suppress_failure (default False) option to Api.__init__()

  • change_playlist now returns the changed playlistId (pid)

  • change_song_metadata now returns a list of changed songIds (sids)

  • create_playlist now returns the new pid

  • delete_playlist now returns the deleted pid

  • delete_songs now returns a list of deleted sids

  • change_playlist now returns the pid of the playlist - which may differ from the one passed in

  • add_songs_to_playlist now returns a list of (sid, new playlistEntryId aka eid) tuples of added songs

  • remove_songs_from_playlist now returns a list of removed (sid, eid) pairs

  • search dictionary is now flattened, without the “results” key. see documentation for example


  • package for pip/pypi

  • add AUTHORS file

  • remove; the sessions are now just api.PlaySession (Darryl Pogue)

  • protocol.Metadata_Expectations.get_expectation will return UnknownExpectation when queried for unknown keys; this should prevent future problems

  • add immutable ‘subjectToCuration’ and ‘metajamId’ fields - use unknown


  • add change_playlist for playlist modifications

  • get_playlists supports multiple playlists of the same name by returning lists of playlist ids. By default, it will return a single string (the id) for unique playlist names; see the always_id_lists parameter.

  • api.login now attempts to bump Music Manager authentication first, bypassing browser emulation. This allows for much faster authentication.

  • urls updated for the change to Google Play Music

  • remove_songs_from_playlist now takes (playlist_id, song_ids), for consistency with other playlist mutations


  • change name to gmusicapi to avoid ambiguity

  • change delete_song and remove_song_from_playlist to delete_songs and remove_songs_from_playlist, for consistency with other functions

  • add verification of WC json responses

  • setup a sane branch model. see

  • improve logging

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