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A dashboard to highlight GoCD pipeline statuses.

Project description


A [GoCD] dashboard for showing pipeline status at a glance. Details about each
pipeline and all of it's materials (even grandparents!) are collected to show
the authors of commits that caused each pipeline to run.



_Requirements: Python 3.3 or above, the `gocd_dashboard` python package (and
it's dependencies)._

gocd-dashboard run --host localhost --port 5000

You will need to create a JSON configuration file that describes your GoCD
server. The server will look `config.json` in the current directory, or use the
path of the `GOCD_DASHBOARD_CONFIG` environment variable.

"gocd": {
"server": "",
"username": "guest",
"password": "guest"
"groups": [
"name": "example",
"pipelines": [

Pipelines will be colored depending on their status:

- Failed: red.
- Running: yellow.
- Passed: white (green if the entire group has passed).


_Requirements: Python 3.3 or above, the `virtualenv` python package, NodeJS
and the `npm` package manager._

Install the module into a Python virtualenv in development mode:

pip install -e .

Install a [Sass] compiler and [materialize.css]:

npm install

Compile CSS files using `node-sass`:

./node_modules/.bin/node-sass --watch gocd_dashboard/static --output gocd_dashboard/static

Run the development server:

FLASK_DEBUG=1 gocd-dashboard run


Released under the MIT licence. See [LICENSE](./LICENSE).


- [Sam Clements]

[Sam Clements]:

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