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MochiKit integration into Zope 3

Project description


gocept.mochikit integrates MochiKit ( into Zope 2 and
Zope 3. Send questions to Christian Zagrodnick <>.

Usage (Zope 3)

To use gocept.mochikit you need to add the following to your package
configuration (ZCML)::

<include package="gocept.mochikit" />

This provides several resource libraries using the `zc.resourcelibrary`
package. In a page template you use::

<tal:replace replace="resource_library:mochikit" />

This will automatically load the main MochiKit file in its packed variant.
There are several additional MochiKit files which are not included in the
libarary above:

* mochikit.DragAndDrop
* mochikit.Controls
* mochikit.MockDOM
* mochikit.Selector
* mochikit.Test

You use those like this::

<tal:replace replace="resource_library:mochikit.DragAndDrop" />

Unpacked Variant

If you need to debug it's often easier to use the plain and unpacked MochiKit
variant. To use you load the package like this::

<include package="gocept.mochikit" file="unpacked" />

Usage (Zope 2)

To use gocept.mochikit in Zope 2 you need to add the following to your package
configuration (ZCML)::

<include package="gocept.mochikit" file="zope2.zcml" />

This provides the packed version of MochiKit, so in your HTML template you
need to include the following::


======= (2009-04-24)

* Added configuration (zope2.zcml) for Zope 2 compatibility. (2009-04-20)

* Lightbox: only set "Loading..." message when the lightbox is empty.

* Made unregistering of event handlers more reliable in lightbox.

* Allow to not use ids for the lightbox. (2009-04-06)

* Sending a signal before the lightbox closes (before-close).

1.4.2 (2008-12-10)

* Updated to MochiKit 1.4.2

1.3.2 (2008-02-13)

* Added styles (CSS) for lightbox

* Updated to Mochikit r1323

1.3.1 (2007-12-07)

* Created a viewlet manager to allow easy dynamic javascript injection

1.3 (2007-11-26)

* Updated to Mochikit r1320

* Added a lightbox (probably doesn't work in IE)


* Added an approach for easier inheritance from

* Update to Mochikit r1315

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