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Project description


Official Rust implementation of Golem. Golem is a network of nodes that implement the Golem Network protocol. We provide the default implementation of such a node in the form of the Golem daemon, Yagna.

A flexible, open-source platform for democratised access to digital resources.

Golem Network has officially gone on Ethereum Mainnet with the Beta I release in March 2021.

Golem democratizes society’s access to computing power by creating a decentralized platform where anyone can build a variety of applications, request computational resources and/or offer their idle systems in exchange for cryptocurrency tokens (GLM). The actors in this decentralized network can assume one of the three non-exclusive roles:

  • Requestor Has a need to use IT resources such as computation hardware. Those resources are purchased in the decentralized market. The actual usage of the resources is backed by Golem's decentralized infrastructure.

  • Provider Has IT resources available that can be shared with other actors in the network. Those resources are sold in the decentralized market.

  • Developer Builds applications to run for requestors on the network. Golem's potential goes much beyond a singular application. See Awesome Golem for just a taste of the various types of applications that can be built and run on Golem!


For a more in-depth look at how Golem works, head over to our documentation.

Project Layout

  • agent/provider - provider agent implementation based on core services.
  • core - core services for the open computation marketplace.
  • exe-unit - ExeUnit Supervisor - a common part of all runtimes for yagna.
  • test-utils - some helpers for testing purposes
  • utils - trash bin for all other stuff ;)
  • docs - project documentation including analysis and specifications.

Public API

The public API rust binding with data model is in the ya-client repo.

High Level APIs

The public high-level API for Python is in yapapi repo and the JS/TS port is contained in the @golem-sdk/golem-js repo.


We call our runtime ExeUnit. As for now we support

Other ExeUnit types are to come (see below).

Golem Beta Release(s)

Important milestones for Golem development were Beta I and most recent Beta II. With those releases we have delivered:

  • MVP (minimum viable product), though not feature rich yet, it is usable for early adopters
  • Clean and easy experience for new and existing users.
  • Support for GLM payments (both L1 & L2 on Ethereum Mainnet)
  • Production-ready and easy to maintain code base.
  • Modular architecture with all the building blocks being replaceable.
  • Small binaries (under 30Mb).
  • Documentation and SDK for Golem app developers.

List of implemented and planned functionality

  1. Distributed computations
    • Batching
    • Services (PoC stage)
  2. Computational environment (aka ExeUnit)
    • Wasm computation
    • Light vm-s
    • Docker on Linux (optional)
    • SGX on Graphene (PoC stage)
  3. Payment platform
    • Payments with GLM
    • ERC20 token
    • Layer 1 & Layer 2 transactions
    • Payment matching (optional) (Ability for the invoice issuer to match the payment with Debit Note(s)/Invoice(s)).
  4. Transaction system
    • Pay as you go(lem) (see more)
    • Pay per task
    • Pay for dev (optional)
  5. Network
    • P2P (Hybrid P2P; in progress)
    • Ability to work behind NAT (Relays; in progress)
  6. Verification
    • Verification by redundancy (see also)
    • No verification
    • Verification by humans (optional)

Road ahead

We are actively working on improving Yagna and extending its functionality, check upcoming releases and other news on our blog.

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