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Abstraction to manage Google Alerts from code

Project description

The google-alerts Python module provides an abstract interface for the Google Alerts service. Google does not provide an official API for this service, so interactions are done through web scripting.

WARNING: Your account password will be obfuscated and saved on the file system. Additionally, post-authentication, a session cookie will also be saved. These can be stolen and re-used to compromise your account. As a best practice, register a new email to manage alerts.

For detailed explanations of the library, please see the wiki.

Quick Start

Install the library:

pip install google-alerts or python install

Save your configuration:

google-alerts setup --email <> --password 'password'

Seed your session (driver download,, do NOT use the pip package as the version is old):

google-alerts seed --driver /tmp/chromedriver --timeout 60

Create a monitor:

google-alerts create --term "hello world" --delivery 'rss' --frequency 'realtime'

List monitors:

google-alerts list

Delete a monitor:

google-alerts delete --id '89e517961a3148c7:c395b7d271b4eccc:com:en:US'

Sample Code

This sample code shows some of the range of functionality within the module:

from google_alerts import GoogleAlerts

# Create an instance
ga = GoogleAlerts('', '**password**')

# Authenticate your user

# List configured monitors

# Add a new monitor
ga.create("Hello World", {'delivery': 'RSS'})

# Modify an existing monitor
ga.modify("89e517961a3148c7:c395b7d271b4eccc:com:en:US", {'delivery': 'RSS', 'monitor_match': 'ALL'})

# Delete a monitor

Example Output

Below is an example monitor:

    "term": "hello world",
    "user_id": "09738342945634096720",
    "language": "en",
    "monitor_id": "89e517961a3148c7:c395b7d271b4eccc:com:en:US",
    "region": "US",
    "rss_link": "",
    "delivery": "RSS",
    "match_type": "BEST"


  • Add new monitors (RSS or Mail)

  • Modify existing monitors

  • Delete monitors by ID or term

  • List all monitors with details



  • Bugfix: Adjusted the seeding process to use Stackoverflow in order to handle initial Google authentication to bypass bot checks


  • Change: Captured all results by default instead of best


  • Bugfix: Handle issues in exception definition

  • Bugfix: Provide alert_frequency with a default option if not supplied


  • Change: Wrap state parsing functions and have them raise exception on failures

  • Bugfix: Account for state changed pushed by Google, breaking all processing


  • Feature: Add a new command line argument to allow a user to specify a seed timeout time


  • Feature: Add a new command line argument to seed a session through the browser

  • Change: Added python version detection to the manage script as well


  • Feature: Detect when user changes between Python versions during setup

  • Bugfix: Setup process appears to finally be bug-free, screw python2 support


  • Feature: Added the ability to set the frequency when creating alerts

  • Bugfix: Fixed frequency settings when using the mail delivery method


  • Change: Explicitly detect when a CAPTCHA is being thrown


  • Feature: Take advantage of the config file concept inside of the class

  • Feature: Authenticate users with a session file if it’s available

  • Change: Tell Chrome to avoid using Javascript so we get the old form


  • Change: Added headers to all calls to look like less of a bot

  • Bugfix: Wrapped a problem area when inspecting the forms in a page

  • Bugfix: Handled setup error for Python3


  • Feature: Allow users to setup exact match queries

  • Change: Added support for Python3

  • Bugfix: Removed extra calls causing an error in the decrypt process


  • Feature: Added a command line utility to the code for easy testing

  • Bugfix: Removed clobbering error inside of delete routine

Project details

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