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Python helper class to streamlime interaction with Google APIs. Based on python-google-api-client.

Project description

google-api-helper helps streamline access to google apis including authentication using oauth2 and factory methods to create an API service. I.e. creating a compute API service is not to bad but still needs some code:

import googleapiclient.discovery
from oauth2client.service_account import ServiceAccountCredentials

credentials = ServiceAccountCredentials.from_json_keyfile_name("service_account.json", [""])
compute ='compute', 'v1', credentials=credentials)

With google-api-helper that’s a oneliner:

from googleapi import GoogleApi
compute = GoogleApi.compute().with_service_account_file("service_account.json")

also using the OAUTH2 flow is simple

from googleapi import GoogleApi
compute = GoogleApi.compute().with_oauth2_flow("client_secret.json")

python-google-api-client also got retries for server errors included, but not for rate limiting. Therefore every API call you make needs to implement an exponential backoff. This is automatically done by using google-api-helper.

from googleapi import GoogleApi
compute = GoogleApi.compute().with_oauth2_flow("client_secret.json")
# directly using the api service without retries
compute.service.instances().list(project="my-gcp-project", zone="europe-west1-d").execute()
# wrapper including retries for rate limiting and server side errors
compute.instances().list(project="my-gcp-project", zone="europe-west1-d").execute()


Add google-api-helper to your requirements.txt or your module requirements or install via pip:

pip install google-api-helper


Import GoogleApi in your python code

from googleapi import GoogleApi

Create the api from a factory method or specify it by yourself:

compute = GoogleApi.compute()
drive =
gmail = GoogleApi("gmail", "v1", [""])

Authenticate with oauth2

# use Compute Engine or App Engine default credentials
# use a service account to access a users drive
drive.with_service_account_file("service_account.json", "")
# or run a oauth2 flow to ask the user for credentials

And call the api

instances = compute.instances().list(project="project-id", zone="europe-west1-d").execute()
drive_files = drive.files().list(q="name='test'").execute()
messages = gmail.users().messages().list(userId="me").execute()

Building and publishing

python bdist_wheel --universal
python -m twine upload dist/*

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