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Gordo client

Project description

Gordo client

Client for Gordo project.

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At least python 3.9 need to be installed in the system first.

In order to install or uninstall this library run following commands.

# Install
pip install gordo-client

# Uninstall
pip uninstall gordo-client

After installation client can be accessed as a library or by command line.

Usage: gordo-client [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Entry sub-command for client related activities.

  --version                   Show the version and exit.
  --project TEXT              The project to target
  --host TEXT                 The host the server is running on
  --port INTEGER              Port the server is running on
  --scheme TEXT               tcp/http/https
  --batch-size INTEGER        How many samples to send
  --parallelism INTEGER       Maximum asynchronous jobs to run
  --metadata KEY_VALUE_PAR    Key-Value pair to be entered as metadata labels,
                              may use this option multiple times. to be
                              separated by a comma. ie: --metadata key,val
                              --metadata some key,some value
  --session-config SAFE_LOAD  Config json/yaml to set on the requests.Session
                              object. Useful when needing to
                              supplyauthentication parameters such as header
                              keys. ie. --session-config {'headers': {'API-
                              KEY': 'foo-bar'}}
  --help                      Show this message and exit.

  download-model  Download the actual model from the target and write to an...
  metadata        Get metadata from a given endpoint.
  predict         Run some predictions against the target.

Developers Instructions


Install poetry.

Setup and run development shell instance:

> poetry shell
> poetry install

You could also install and apply pre-commit hooks.

Run poetry install to install or re-install all dependencies.

Run poetry update to update the locked dependencies to the most recent version, honoring the constrains put inside pyproject.toml.

Run tests

Install docker (or similar container manager) if you want to run test-suite.

Run tests (except docker-related ones):

> poetry run pytest -n auto -m "not dockertest"

Run docker-related tests:

> poetry run pytest -m "dockertest"

Project details

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