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Internal utilities for projects following git-pull python package spec

Project description

gp-libs · Python Package License Code Coverage

Incubating / dogfooding some sphinx extensions and pytest plugins on git-pull projects, e.g. cihai, vcs-python, or tmux-python.

doctest for reStructured and markdown

Two components:

  1. doctest_docutils module: Same specification as doctest, but can parse reStructuredText and markdown

  2. pytest_doctest_docutils: Pytest plugin, collects test items for pytest for reStructuredText and markdown files

    This means you can do:

    $ pytest docs

doctest module

This extends standard library doctest to support anything docutils can parse. It can parse reStructuredText (.rst) and markdown (.md).

See more:

Supported styles

It supports two barebones directives:

  • docutils' doctest_block

    >>> 2 + 2
  • .. doctest:: directive


    .. doctest::
       >>> 2 + 2

    Markdown (requires myst-parser):

    >>> 2 + 2


The doctest_docutils module preserves standard library's usage conventions:

$ python -m doctest_docutils README.rst -v

That's what doctest does by design.


If you install myst-parser, doctest will run on .md files.

$ python -m doctest_docutils -v

pytest plugin

This plugin disables pytest's standard doctest plugin.

This plugin integrates with the doctest_docutils module with pytest to enable seamless testing of docs, fixtures and all.

$ pytest docs/

Like the above module, it supports docutils' own doctest_block and a basic .. doctest:: directive.

See more:

sphinx plugins

Plain-text issue linker (linkify-issues)

We need to parse plain text, e.g. #99999, to point to the project tracker at This way the markdown looks good anywhere you render it, including GitHub and GitLab.


In your

  1. Add 'linkify_issues' to extensions

    extensions = [
        # ...
  2. Configure your issue URL, issue_url_tpl:

    # linkify_issues
    issue_url_tpl = '{issue_id}'

    The config variable is formatted via {meth}str.format where issue_id is 42 if the text is #42.

See more:


$ pip install --user gp-libs

Developmental releases

You can test the unpublished version of g before its released.

  • pip:

    $ pip install --user --upgrade --pre gp-libs

Minimum requirements

To lift the development burden of supporting legacy APIs, as this package is lightly used, minimum constraints have been pinned:

  • docutils: 0.20.1+
  • myst-parser: 2.0.0+

If you have even passing interested in supporting legacy versions, file an issue on the tracker.

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