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Python package to easily retrain OpenAI's GPT-2 text-generating model on new texts.

Project description

A simple Python package that wraps existing model fine-tuning and generation scripts for OpenAI GPT-2 text generation model (specifically the "small", 124M hyperparameter version). Additionally, this package allows easier generation of text, generating to a file for easy curation, allowing for prefixes to force the text to start with a given phrase.


An example for downloading the model to the local system, fineturning it on a dataset. and generating some text.

Warning: the pretrained model, and thus any finetuned model, is 500 MB!

import gpt_2_simple as gpt2

gpt2.download_gpt2()   # model is saved into current directory under /models/124M/

sess = gpt2.start_tf_sess()
gpt2.finetune(sess, 'shakespeare.txt', steps=1000)   # steps is max number of training steps


The generated model checkpoints are by default in /checkpoint/run1. If you want to load a model from that folder and generate text from it:

import gpt_2_simple as gpt2

sess = gpt2.start_tf_sess()


As with textgenrnn, you can generate and save text for later use (e.g. an API or a bot) by using the return_as_list parameter.

single_text = gpt2.generate(sess, return_as_list=True)[0]

You can pass a run_name parameter to finetune and load_gpt2 if you want to store/load multiple models in a checkpoint folder.

NB: Restart the Python session first if you want to finetune on another dataset or load another model.

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