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Free open source grammar and spelling checker.

Project description


Grammar Bot provides spelling and grammar check. Signup for an API key at for increased usage limits. The API still works with no key, but the daily usage limit is lower.


pip install grammarbot


See the example below

# import the client library
from grammarbot import GrammarBotClient

# Creating the client
# ===================
client = GrammarBotClient()

# or, signup for an API Key to get higher usage limits here:
client = GrammarBotClient(api_key='my_api_key_here') # GrammarBotClient(api_key=my_api_key_here)

# you can even set the base URI to a different server
client = GrammarBotClient(base_uri='')

# Analyzing the text
# ==================

# There is only one method to perform the analysis, viz. GrammarBotClient.check
# method.

text = 'I cant remember how to go their'

# check the text, returns GrammarBotApiResponse object
res = client.check(text) # GrammarBotApiResponse(matches=[GrammarBotMatch(offset=2, length=4, rule={'CANT'}, category={'TYPOS'}), GrammarBotMatch(offset=26, length=5, rule={'CONFUSION_RULE'}, category={'TYPOS'})])

# Inspecting the GrammarBotApiResponse object
# ===========================================

# check detected language
res.detected_language # "en-US"

# check if the result is incomplete
res.result_is_incomplete # False

# see the suggestions / corrections suggested by the GrammarBot API
# returns a list of GrammarBotMatch objects describing each replacement
res.matches # [GrammarBotMatch(offset=2, length=4, rule={'CANT'}, category={'TYPOS'}), GrammarBotMatch(offset=26, length=5, rule={'CONFUSION_RULE'}, category={'TYPOS'})]

# Inspecting the GrammarBotMatch object
# =====================================

match0 = match[0] # GrammarBotMatch(offset=2, length=4, rule={'CANT'}, category={'TYPOS'})

# get replacement information
match0.replacement_offset # 2
match0.replacement_length # 4

# get suggested replacements
match0.replacements # ["can't", 'cannot']

# get list of possible correct sentences after applying the replacements
match0.corrections # ["I can't remember how to go their", 'I cannot remember how to go their']

# get the rules, type and category information of the match
match0.rule # 'CANT'
match0.category # 'TYPOS'
match0.type # 'Other'

# getting a friendly message regarding the replacement suggestion
match0.message # 'Did you mean "can\'t" or "cannot"?'

# Getting even more information
# =============================

# if the information provided by the class properties is not enough, you can
# always access the complete original JSON response from GrammarBotApiResponse
# object

API docs

You can see the API documentation here:

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