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Graph similarity algorithms based on NetworkX.

Project description


Graph similarity algorithms based on NetworkX.

**BSD Licensed**

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First, install building tool:

$ yum install -y scons

On Mac OS:

$ brew install scons

Then install graphsim via PyPI:

$ pip install -U graphsim

Permission Issues

By default, `sudo` is required to give permission to install cpp modules into system `/usr/local/{lib,include}`.

If you prefer local installation, following instructions may help you:

export LIBTACSIM_LIB_DIR=~/usr/lib/
export LIBTACSIM_INC_DIR=~/usr/include/

pip install -U graphsim

Make sure that the local directories are aware for C linkers:

export C_INCLUDE_PATH=~/usr/include:$C_INCLUDE_PATH


**NOTE**: `libtacsim` was tested on Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 6.5 and Mac OS 10.11.2, 10.13.2.


>>> import graphsim as gs

Supported algorithms

* `gs.ascos`: Asymmetric network Structure COntext Similarity, by Hung-Hsuan Chen et al.
* `gs.nsim_bvd04`: node-node similarity matrix, by Blondel et al.
* `gs.hits`: the hub and authority scores for nodes, by Kleinberg.
* `gs.nsim_hs03`: node-node similarity with mismatch penalty, by Heymans et al.
* `gs.simrank`: A Measure of Structural-Context Similarity, by Jeh et al.
* `gs.simrank_bipartite`: SimRank for bipartite graphs, by Jeh et al.
* `gs.tacsim`: Topology-Attributes Coupling Similarity, by Xiaming Chen et al.
* `gs.tacsim_combined`: A combined topology-attributes coupling similarity, by Xiaming Chen et al.
* `gs.tacsim_in_C`: an efficient implementation of TACSim in pure C.
* `gs.tacsim_combined_in_C`: an efficient implementation of combined TACSim in pure C.

Supported utilities

* `gs.normalized`: L2 normalization of vectors, matrices or arrays.
* `gs.node_edge_adjacency`: Obtain node-edge adjacency matrices in source and dest directions.


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Xiaming Chen <>

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