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grep for GroupMe

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Grep for GroupMe

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For something similar that runs in the browser, take a look at instead.

For Users

Elevator pitch

Do you wish GroupMe had a search function? Me too. That's why I wrote GrepMe, a command line search tool for GroupMe that's featureful and easy to use.


  1. pip install grepme
  2. Create your login token on -> Create Application None of the info there is used in grepme, you can give garbage values.
  3. Run grepme. You should be prompted for your login token.

If you type your token wrong, you can use -D and grepme will prompt you again, e.g. grepme -D some_text


  • Search case-insensitive for 'school': grepme -i school
  • Show every message from every group you're in: grepme '.*'
  • Search in a specific group: grepme --group USCCyber api
  • Filter by date: grepme -d '.*' | grep 2018
  • Search by user: grepme -u Joshua '.*'
  • Show all available groups: grepme -l
  • Show version: grepme -V
  • Show messages newer than 1 week: grepme --json '.*' | jq -r "select(.created_at > $(date -d '1 week ago' +%s)) | .text"
  • Show at most 10 messages: grepme --json '.*' | head -n 10 | jq -r '.name, .text'

See it in action

$ grepme -i swear --group 'ACM$'
Huиter Damroи: I work in the IBM building but I can meet you at Swearingen or anywhere.
Matthew Clapp: Is anybody in Swearingen?
ℬℜΔƉѰ: Can someone confirm that the Airport monitors in Swearingen have a Code-a-thon announcement?
Justin Baum: Hey does anyone know who I should email so my Carolina Card can get me into Swearingen?


GrepMe uses configparse for configuration, see its documentation for details. For example, I use the following configuration in ~/.config/grepme.toml, which searches only in 'ACM' by default:

group = "^ACM$"

Full usage

usage: grepme [-h] [-g GROUP] [-l] [-q] [-d] [-i] [-a AFTER_CONTEXT]
              [-b BEFORE_CONTEXT] [-c CONTEXT] [-u USER] [-o] [-v] [-V] [-D]
              [--clear-cache] [--color | --no-color] [--json] [-f | -F]
              regex [regex ...]

grep for groupme, version 1.3.5

positional arguments:
  regex                 text to search

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -g GROUP, --group GROUP
                        group to search. can be specified multiple times
  -l, --list            show all available groups and exit
  -q, --quiet           don't show who said something
  -d, --date            show the date a message was sent
  -i, --ignore-case     ignore case distinctions in both text and groups
                        show the following n messages after a match
                        show the previous n messages before a match
                        show n messages around a match. overrides -A and -B.
  -u USER, --user USER  search by username. can be specified multiple times
  -o, --only-matching   only show text that matched, not the whole message
  -v, --reverse-matching
                        only show messages that didn't match
  -V, --version         show version
  -D, --delete-cached   delete cached credentials. useful if you mistype in
                        the inital login prompt
  --clear-cache         delete cached message. you should very rarely have to
                        use this option
  --color               always color output
  --no-color            never color output
  --json                print messages as JSON
  -f, --favorited, --liked
                        only show liked messages
  -F, --not-favorited, --not-liked
                        never show liked messages

Unicode is handled fine, see examples above.

For Developers


  1. pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
  2. test/pre-commit

If you see any test failures, it's a bug! Please let me know: If you have suggestions for more tests, those are also welcome.


Fork the repository, make some changes, make a pull request. Note: the script test/pre-commit will be run on any commit. You may want to run it automatically yourself: ln -s ../test/pre-commit .git/hooks

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