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Grok-like configuration for Zope local site and utilities

Project description

This package provides support to write local site and utilities for
Zope directly in Python (without ZCML).

.. contents::

Setting up ````

This package is essentially set up like the `grokcore.component`_
package, please refer to its documentation for details. The only
additional ZCML line you will need is::

<include package="" />

Put this somewhere near the top of your root ZCML file but below the
line where you include ``grokcore.component``'s configuration.


Global utilities are already managed by `grokcore.component`_.

Here a simple example of a local utility::

from zope.interface import implements, Interface

class IKangaroo(Interface):

def jump():
"""Make all kangaroos jump somewhere.

class KangarooUtility(

def jump(self):

Now, we can register our utility to a local site. That will create
automatically, and register that utility when we create that site::

class Jungle(, IKangaroo)

If you don't add the last line, you will still have your site, but
nothing to make jump your kangaroo. Then, you will be able to add
manually by hand after (if you want).

API Overview

Base classes

Base class for your site.

Base class for a ZODB-persitent local utility.


``local_utility(factory, provides=None, name=u'', setup=None, public=False, name_in_container=None``)
Directive used on a site to register a local utility at the
creation time:

Would be the component to register (required parameter),

Would be the interface used to query the local utility (required

Would be the name used to query the local utility,

Would be a function taking parameter. If defined it will be
called after the utility is created with it as first and unique

If true, the utility will be created in the site container
itself, not in the site manager, and public will be able to
access it directly.

Would be used as id for the utility in container itwill be
created. If not defined it will ask NameChooser to pick a name
for it.

In addition, the ```` package exposes the
`grokcore.component`_ API.

.. _grokcore.component:


3.0.3 (2018-01-12)

- Rearrange tests such that Travis CI can pick up all functional tests too.

3.0.2 (2018-01-11)

- Do not import `getSite` from `` anymore but from

3.0.1 (2018-01-10)

- Fix dependencies by removing ZODB3.

3.0.0 (2018-01-05)

- Python 3 compatibility.

1.8 (2016-09-21)

- When removing a site make sure reference are removed from the parent

1.7.1 (2016-01-29)

- Update tests.

1.7 (2015-06-11)

- Add a new directive ``install_on`` that is usable on a site. This
directive let you customize when (namely the event) to install the
configured local sites.

- Rename ``ApplicationInitializedEvent`` to ``ApplicationAddedEvent``.

- When the ``IApplicationAddedEvent`` is triggered the new application
will be current Zope local site. The site is restored after the

1.6.1 (2012-05-02)

- Exposed ApplicationInitializedEvent and IApplicationInitializedEvent.

- Added the missing import for the exposed IApplication interface.

1.6 (2012-05-01)

- Moved the directive `site` from Grok to this package.

- Moved the component `Application` and all the related utilities from Grok
to this package.

1.5 (2011-01-03)

- Moved IApplication and getApplication from the Grok package into
this one.

1.4 (2010-11-01)

- Upped versions requirements for martian and grokcore.component.

1.3 (2010-10-18)

- Made package comply to repository policy.

- Update functional tests to only use instead

- Update functional tests not to require

1.2 (2009-12-20)

* Migrated imports from to

1.1 (2009-09-18)

* Updated dependencies (added missing ones and added separate test

* A local utility now implements IAttributeAnnotatable.

* Update code documentation from Grok itself.

* Use 1.0b2 versions.cfg in Grok's release info instead of a local
copy; a local copy for all grokcore packages is just too hard to

1.0.1 (2009-06-30)

* Reupload to pypi with a correct version of Python which doesn't have
a distutils bug.

1.0 (2009-06-29)

* Created ```` by factoring local site based components,
grokkers and directives out of Grok.

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