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A Python to Java bridge.

Project description


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JPype is an effort to allow python programs full access to java class

Find the `documentation at Read the Docs
<>`__. Current development is done in
`the github project <>`__. The work
on this project began on `Sourceforge


This changelog *only* contains changes from the *first* pypi release ( onwards.

- **Next version - unreleased**
- Added extra verbiage to the to the raised exception when an overloaded
method could not be matched. It now prints a list of all possible method
- Harded code to unattached threads and accessing java objects after shutdown.
- The following is now DEPRECATED
- jpype.reflect.* - All class information is available with .class_
- Python thread option for JPypeReferenceQueue. References are always handled with
with the Java cleanup routine. The undocumented setUsePythonThreadForDaemon()
will be removed at a future version.
- promoted --install-option to a --global-option as it applies to the build as well
as install.

- **0.6.3 - 2018-04-03**
- Java reference counting has been converted to use JNI
PushLocalFrame/PopLocalFrame. Several resource leaks
were removed.

- java.lang.Class<>.forName() will now return the java.lang.Class.
Work arounds for requiring the class loader are no longer needed.
Customizers now support customization of static members.

- Support of java.lang.Class<>
- java.lang.Object().getClass() on Java objects returns a java.lang.Class
rather than the Python class
- java.lang.Object().__class__ on Java objects returns the python class
as do all python objects
- java.lang.Object.class_ maps to the java statement 'java.lang.Object.class' and
returns the java.lang.Class<java.lang.Object>
- java.lang.Class supports reflection methods
- private fields and methods can be accessed via reflection
- annotations are avaiable via reflection

- Java objects and arrays will not accept setattr unless the
attribute corresponds to a java method or field whith
the exception of private attributes that begin with

- Added support for automatic conversion of boxed types.
- Boxed types automatically convert to python primitives.
- Boxed types automatically convert to java primitives when resolving functions.
- Functions taking boxed or primitives still resolve based on closest match.

- Python integer primitives will implicitly match java float and double as per
Java specification.

- Added support for try with resources for java.lang.Closeable.
Use python "with MyJavaResource() as resource:" statement
to automatically close a resource at the end of a block.

- **0.6.2 - 2017-01-13**

- Fix JVM location for OSX.
- Fix a method overload bug.
- Add support for synthetic methods

- **0.6.1 - 2015-08-05**

- Fix proxy with arguments issue.
- Fix Python 3 support for Windows failing to import winreg.
- Fix non matching overloads on iterating java collections.

- **0.6.0 - 2015-04-13**

- Python3 support.
- Fix OutOfMemoryError.

- **0.5.7 - 2014-10-29**

- No JDK/JRE is required to build anymore due to provided jni.h. To
override this, one needs to set a JAVA_HOME pointing to a JDK
during setup.
- Better support for various platforms and compilers (MinGW, Cygwin,

- **0.5.6 - 2014-09-27**

- *Note*: In this release we returned to the three point number
versioning scheme.
- Fix #63: 'property' object has no attribute 'isBeanMutator'
- Fix #70: python develop does now work as expected
- Fix #79, Fix #85: missing declaration of 'uint'
- Fix #80: opt out NumPy code dependency by '--disable-numpy'
parameter to setup. To opt out with pip
append --install-option="--disable-numpy".
- Use JVMFinder method of @tcalmant to locate a Java runtime

- ** - 2014-08-12**

- Fix: compile issue, if numpy is not available (NPY_BOOL
n/a). Closes #77

- ** - 2014-08-11**

- Optional support for NumPy arrays in handling of Java arrays. Both
set and get slice operators are supported. Speed improvement of
factor 10 for setting and factor 6 for getting. The returned
arrays are typed with the matching NumPy type.
- Fix: add missing wrapper type 'JShort'
- Fix: Conversion check for unsigned types did not work in array
setters (tautological compare)

- ** - 2014-04-29**

- Fix: array setter memory leak (ISSUE: #64)

- ** - 2014-04-11**

- Fix: now runs under MacOSX with Python 2.6 (referred to
missing subprocess function)

- **0.5.5 - 2014-04-11**

- *Note* that this release is *not* compatible with Python 2.5 anymore!
- Added AHL changes

* replaced Python set type usage with new 2.6.x and higher
* fixed broken Python slicing semantics on JArray objects
* fixed a memory leak in the JVM when passing Python lists to
JArray constructors
* prevent ctrl+c seg faulting
* corrected new[]/delete pairs to stop valgrind complaining
* ship basic PyMemoryView implementation (based on numpy's) for Python 2.6 compatibility

- Fast sliced access for primitive datatype arrays (factor of 10)
- Use setter for Java bean property assignment even if not having a
getter by @baztian
- Fix public methods not being accessible if a Java bean property
with the same name exists by @baztian (*Warning*: In rare cases
this change is incompatibile to previous releases. If you are
accessing a bean property without using the get/set method and the
bean has a public method with the property's name you have to
change the code to use the get/set methods.)
- Make jpype.JException catch exceptions from subclasses by @baztian
- Make more complex overloaded Java methods accessible (fixes by @baztian and
- Some minor improvements inferring unnecessary copies in extension
- Some JNI cleanups related to memory
- Fix memory leak in array setters
- Fix memory leak in typemanager
- Add userguide from sourceforge project by @baztian

- ** - 2013-08-25**

- Added support for OSX 10.9 Mavericks by @rmangino (#16)

- ** - 2013-08-10**

- Rewritten Java Home directory Search by @marsam (#13, #12 and #7)
- Stylistic cleanups of

- ** - 2013-07-27**

- Initial pypi release with most fixes for easier installation


The original author: Steve Menard

Current Maintainer: Luis Nell

Huge thanks to these CONTRIBUTORS:

* lazerscience
* Koblaid
* Michael Willis (michaelwillis)
* awesomescot
* Joe Quant (joequant)
* Mario Rodas
* David Moss
* Stepan Kolesnik
* Philip Smith
* Bastian Bowe
* Kristi
* Martin K. Scherer
* Dongwon Shin
* rbprogrammer
* Karl Einar Nelson

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