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Helper Python classes for handling and responding to Hangouts Chat events

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Hangouts Chat Helper

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Helper Python classes for handling and responding to Hangouts Chat events.


Install with pip:

pip install hangouts-helper

Message Components

This library contains several component classes to assist with constructing a Hangouts Chat message.

  • Message
  • Section
  • Card
  • CardAction
  • CardHeader
  • TextParagraph
  • KeyValue
  • Image
  • ButtonList
  • ImageButton
  • TextButton


Using the Pizza Bot example from the official Hangouts Chat API documentation, this is how you'd construct the same message using the components above.

from hangouts_helper.message import (Message, Card, CardHeader, Section,
    Image, KeyValue, ButtonList, TextButton)

message = Message()
            title='Pizza Bot Customer Support',
            KeyValue(top_label='Order No.', content='12345'),
            KeyValue(top_label='Status', content='In Delivery')),
                TextButton(text='OPEN ORDER').add_link(url='')))))

Calling message.output() produces a dict that can be converted to JSON... perfect for returning a response to a synchronous chat event, or sending a new message via the Hangouts Chat API.

    "cards": [
            "header": {
                "imageUrl": "",
                "subtitle": "",
                "title": "Pizza Bot Customer Support"
            "sections": [
                    "widgets": [
                            "keyValue": {
                                "content": "12345",
                                "topLabel": "Order No."
                            "keyValue": {
                                "content": "In Delivery",
                                "topLabel": "Status"
                    "header": "Location",
                    "widgets": [
                            "image": {
                                "imageUrl": ""
                    "widgets": [
                            "buttons": [
                                    "textButton": {
                                        "onClick": {
                                            "openLink": {
                                                "url": ""
                                        "text": "OPEN ORDER"

Chat Handler

The library also includes a class to help with handling incoming chat events. The methods contained in HangoutsChatHandler correspond to the different event types you can expect to receive. Each method should return a message response.


from enum import Enum

from hangouts_helper.handler import HangoutsChatHandler, SpaceType
from hangouts_helper.message import Message

class ActionMethod(Enum):

class MyHangoutsChatHandler(HangoutsChatHandler):
    ActionMethod = ActionMethod

    def handle_added_to_space(self, space_type, event):
        if space_type == SpaceType.DM:
            return Message(text="Thanks for DM'ing me!")
        elif space_type == SpaceType.ROOM:
            return Message(text="Thanks adding me to your room!")

    def handle_message(self, message, event):
        return Message(text="Thanks for your message!")

    def handle_card_clicked(self, action_method, action_parameters, event):
        if action_method == ActionMethod.BUTTON_CLICKED:
            return Message(text="I've processed your button click!")

    def handle_removed_from_space(self, event):

A Flask app that repsonds to Hangouts Chat events might look like:

from flask import Flask, jsonify
app = Flask(__name__)

def bot_handler():
    event = request.json
    handler = MyHangoutsChatHandler()
    response_message = handler.handle_event(event)
    return jsonify(response_message.output())


  • Add examples for each component type in README
  • Document and add examples for adding OnClick events to widgets
  • Document Enums (SpaceType, EventType, ActionMethod, Icon, ImageStyle, ResponseType)
  • Document usage scenarios for HangoutsChatHandler
  • Add methods for interacting with Hangouts Chat API to HangoutsChatHandler

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