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HashDb2 provides a simple method for executing commands based on matched files

Project description

Command-line utility to quickly scan and compare files/folders, primarily based off of contents. Comparison results can be fed to a commandline using parameter substitution.

This utility provides a convenient way to find/remove/move duplicate files in a fast and efficient manner. File meta data, including hash, can be cached on disk, allowing for quick repeated comparisons.


pip install hashdb2

Command Line


    hashdb2 -h | --help
    hashdb2 --version
    hashdb2 hash [-f|-q|-n] DATABASE -- INPUTS...
    hashdb2 comp [-f|-q|-n] [-steb0cid] ((--lhs-db LHSDB [(--lhs-path LHSPATH [--lhs-update])]) | --lhs-path LHSPATH) [(--rhs-db RHSDB ([--rhs-path RHSPATH [--rhs-update]])) | --rhs-path RHSPATH] -- COMMAND...

    hash                  Create/Update DATABASE with INPUTS
    comp                  Compare inputs, executing COMMAND for each result according to the special arguments provided to COMMAND

    -f, --full            Generate/Compare complete hash
    -q, --quick           Generate/Compare quick hash
    -n, --none            Do not generate/compare hashes [default]

    -s, --size            Compare using size
    -t, --time            Compare using modification time

    -e, --extension       Compare using file extension
    -b, --basename        Compare using basename

    -0, --skip-empty      Skip empty files

    -c, --echo            Echo command before execution
    -i, --ignore-errors   Ignore errors when executing command
    -d, --dry-run         Echo command but do not run it

    --lhs-db LHSDB        Left database input
    --lhs-update          Update left database as required
    --lhs-path LHSPATH    Left sub-path

    --rhs-db RHSDB        Right database input
    --rhs-update          Update right database as required
    --rhs-path RHSPATH    Right sub-path

    DATABASE              Name of the database to create/update
    INPUTS                List files/folders to add to DATABASE
    COMMAND               Command which is executed according to matched groups
                          The following values within command have special meaning:

                          {LHS} {RHS}
                          {LHS} {RHSGROUP}
                          {LHSGROUP} {RHS}
                          {LHSGROUP} {RHSGROUP}

                          LHS and RHS specifies the input
                          The GROUP suffix combines items into a list
                          The ONLY suffix finds elements which have no match

                          Use DUPE to get inputs which have duplicates (not valid with rhs)
                          Use UNIQUE to get inputs which are unique  (not valid with rhs)


Find and remove duplicates

hashdb2 comp --lhs-path /my-files -- rm {DUPE}

Compare two folders and remove duplicates from one of them

hashdb2 comp --lhs-path /keep-these-files --rhs-path /remove-duplicates -- rm {RHS}

Copy missing files

hashdb2 comp --lhs-path /backup --rhs-path /sdcard -- cp {RHSONLY} /backup/

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