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Regular expression match hasher

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hashpipe -- Regular expression match hasher

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hashpipe is a command line tool and a Python library for hashing regular expression matches in input data.

Matches are hashed with their HMAC hex digests using a configurable key and digest algorithm, surrounded by angle brackets, and optionally prefixed with a configurable string within the brackets.

What gets hashed for each match depends on whether the regular expression contains capturing groups. If it doesn't, the entire match content is hashed. If it does, only content of the first capturing group is.

The command line tool operates as a pipe, reading standard input and outputting to standard output. It has optional shell completion support using argcomplete.



import os
import re

from hashpipe import Hashpipe

hashpipe = Hashpipe(
hashed = hashpipe.hash_matches(b"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.")
# hashed now contains something like:
# b'The quick brown <00adbe4c178e322e582e4e45c4989a204655c4b3960c0be298bc763e29dc738b> '
# b'jumps over the lazy <ee68954fe2f64931fb63756a5ecd1e22b90984c6b29fe3340b159dcff1f98244>.'


$ hashpipe --key=deadbeef --algorithm=md5 --prefix='{md5}' '^[^:]+' < /etc/passwd


0.9.2 (2020-01-12)

  • Add -A/--available-algorithms option for listing available algorithms
  • Add optional shell completion support using argcomplete

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