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Python-based library for the implementation of a hierarchical deterministic wallet generator for more than 140+ multiple cryptocurrencies.

Project description

Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet

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Python-based library for the implementation of a hierarchical deterministic wallet generator for more than 140+ multiple cryptocurrencies. It allows the handling of multiple coins, multiple accounts, external and internal chains per account and millions of addresses per chain.


For more info see the BIP specs.

BIP's Titles
BIP39 Mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys
BIP85 Deterministic Entropy From BIP32 Keychains
BIP32 Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets
BIP44 Multi-Account Hierarchy for Deterministic Wallets
BIP49 Derivation scheme for P2WPKH-nested-in-P2SH based accounts
BIP84 Derivation scheme for P2WPKH based accounts
BIP141 Segregated Witness (Consensus layer)


The easiest way to install hdwallet is via pip:

pip install hdwallet

To install hdwallet command line interface globally, for Linux sudo may be required:

pip install hdwallet[cli]

If you want to run the latest version of the code, you can install from the git:

pip install git+git://

For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.

Quick Usage

Simple Bitcoin mainnet HDWallet generator:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from hdwallet import HDWallet
from hdwallet.utils import generate_entropy
from hdwallet.symbols import BTC as SYMBOL
from typing import Optional

import json

# Choose strength 128, 160, 192, 224 or 256
STRENGTH: int = 160  # Default is 128
# Choose language english, french, italian, spanish, chinese_simplified, chinese_traditional, japanese or korean
LANGUAGE: str = "korean"  # Default is english
# Generate new entropy hex string
ENTROPY: str = generate_entropy(strength=STRENGTH)
# Secret passphrase for mnemonic
PASSPHRASE: Optional[str] = None  # "meherett"

# Initialize Bitcoin mainnet HDWallet
hdwallet: HDWallet = HDWallet(symbol=SYMBOL, use_default_path=False)
# Get Bitcoin HDWallet from entropy
    entropy=ENTROPY, language=LANGUAGE, passphrase=PASSPHRASE

# Derivation from path
# hdwallet.from_path("m/44'/0'/0'/0/0")
# Or derivation from index
hdwallet.from_index(44, hardened=True)
hdwallet.from_index(0, hardened=True)
hdwallet.from_index(0, hardened=True)

# Print all Bitcoin HDWallet information's
print(json.dumps(hdwallet.dumps(), indent=4, ensure_ascii=False))
    "cryptocurrency": "Bitcoin",
    "symbol": "BTC",
    "network": "mainnet",
    "strength": 160,
    "entropy": "c5b0d0ee698f3f72b6265f1bc591f8f2d7afa6dd",
    "mnemonic": "주일 액수 명단 천둥 해수욕장 전망 추천 직업 그룹 단위 신체 파란색 시청 천천히 스트레스",
    "language": "korean",
    "passphrase": null,
    "seed": "5a9b9667ccd07b3c641b1ba95e9119dd1d5a3034fd46cd2f27fc1f160c7dcd824fc0ab4710a9ae90582dffc3b0803bcbc0a8160feeaab4c70511c5035859decf",
    "root_xprivate_key": "xprv9s21ZrQH143K2qMHU8aghJ4MoQR5g5mowXbeP2vCP937bseZGX929dmJudL7u4xRxtKvh58pxz1PhtCbWW2yUH14jdduKVMV9FkBMpM2Hyw",
    "root_xpublic_key": "xpub661MyMwAqRbcFKRkaA7h4S16MSFa5YVfJkXFBRKowUa6Ufyhp4TGhS5nkvkLXSmdNjoszzDkU26WW2rg1zBsQBt6Pv3T8oLEAExGHD3hcQs",
    "xprivate_key": "xprvA2YyMZWyPK2xo4eZgyypp2CzcHnxNzGbruGg7vmgaAVCtBtrjwzuhXJBNM3FrwBh85ajxHErNR6ByN77WJARpC1HDC7kTwa2yr7Mu9Pz5Qq",
    "xpublic_key": "xpub6FYKm53sDgbG1Yj2o1WqBA9jAKdSnSzTE8CGvKBJ8W2BkzE1HVKAFKcfDcCHKpL5BQRg2HjbNSt55jpFshY7W1KFtp7zjB3DhNAmiFv6kzB",
    "uncompressed": "081016370b45d7e23bd89b07d6886036f5e4df9a129eee3b488c177ba7881856e24d337b280f9d32539a22445e567543b39b708edf5289442f36dcde958a3433",
    "compressed": "03081016370b45d7e23bd89b07d6886036f5e4df9a129eee3b488c177ba7881856",
    "chain_code": "cf9ee427ed8073e009a5743056e8cf19167f67ca5082c2c6635b391e9a4e0b0d",
    "private_key": "f79495fda777197ce73551bcd8e162ceca19167575760d3cc2bced4bf2a213dc",
    "public_key": "03081016370b45d7e23bd89b07d6886036f5e4df9a129eee3b488c177ba7881856",
    "wif": "L5WyVfBu8Sz3iGZtrwJVSP2wDJmu7HThGd1EGekFBnviWgzLXpJd",
    "finger_print": "ac13e305",
    "semantic": "p2pkh",
    "path": "m/44'/0'/0'/0/0",
    "hash": "ac13e305a88bd9968f1c058fcf5d9a6b1b9ef484",
    "addresses": {
        "p2pkh": "1Ggs3kkNrPPWoW17iDFQWgMdw3CD8BzBiv",
        "p2sh": "3GQVUFePz517Hf61Vsa9H2tHj5jw5y6ngV",
        "p2wpkh": "bc1q4sf7xpdg30vedrcuqk8u7hv6dvdeaayy3uw5cj",
        "p2wpkh_in_p2sh": "3JyV5aSgdVYEjQodPWHfvehQ5227EDr3sN",
        "p2wsh": "bc1qnk0s9q4379n6v9vg0lnhdu5qhjyx99u2xm238pmckmjg9v29q54saddzp9",
        "p2wsh_in_p2sh": "3MmsEoP7GLHzuLVgkAtcRtyXLTWh8zNAcd"

Ethereum mainnet Ganache wallet look's like:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from hdwallet import BIP44HDWallet
from hdwallet.cryptocurrencies import EthereumMainnet
from hdwallet.derivations import BIP44Derivation
from hdwallet.utils import generate_mnemonic
from typing import Optional

# Generate english mnemonic words
MNEMONIC: str = generate_mnemonic(language="english", strength=128)
# Secret passphrase/password for mnemonic
PASSPHRASE: Optional[str] = None  # "meherett"

# Initialize Ethereum mainnet BIP44HDWallet
bip44_hdwallet: BIP44HDWallet = BIP44HDWallet(cryptocurrency=EthereumMainnet)
# Get Ethereum BIP44HDWallet from mnemonic
    mnemonic=MNEMONIC, language="english", passphrase=PASSPHRASE
# Clean default BIP44 derivation indexes/paths

print("Mnemonic:", bip44_hdwallet.mnemonic())
print("Base HD Path:  m/44'/60'/0'/0/{address_index}", "\n")

# Get Ethereum BIP44HDWallet information's from address index
for address_index in range(10):
    # Derivation from Ethereum BIP44 derivation path
    bip44_derivation: BIP44Derivation = BIP44Derivation(
        cryptocurrency=EthereumMainnet, account=0, change=False, address=address_index
    # Drive Ethereum BIP44HDWallet
    # Print address_index, path, address and private_key
    print(f"({address_index}) {bip44_hdwallet.path()} {bip44_hdwallet.address()} 0x{bip44_hdwallet.private_key()}")
    # Clean derivation indexes/paths
Mnemonic: bright demand olive glance crater key head glory quantum leisure intact age
Base HD Path:  m/44'/60'/0'/0/{address_index}

(0) m/44'/60'/0'/0/0 0x3a149f0c5dc5c0F1E29e573215C23710dE9c4f87 0xa45f9af43912fdd5e88c492226be082029f257681d4b3e73b68be535d2fb0526
(1) m/44'/60'/0'/0/1 0x9e8A4fD9bA74DbB0c7F465EF56b47489793AA102 0x6e5ab2a3ae20c7b3a1c0645b03689e88e8cdff16f6a39d6a420bfebc20e8a941
(2) m/44'/60'/0'/0/2 0x08Eb0646ddc52E12a03215b94b244B674e9D7a0F 0x938caf07197eda13679bfd88df7e5f6eac3cd9f9248ed445f1a0e084a3e9417c
(3) m/44'/60'/0'/0/3 0x6dB1Ac10bbbE7bdc6bcB246E2Dd36884c346CbE8 0x304e9bebaeef3f4ae7c4d2ef268f40f503d8f47fd2621a575d8f73f49762cbc0
(4) m/44'/60'/0'/0/4 0xd528281f804D950c743Ca48FCcC3D76A3d9AcD5C 0x82a0284b443ec73884806ac9450f09110d8dba024120985431b80a520b3f2911
(5) m/44'/60'/0'/0/5 0xaF24cc02Fd5E0285237677cDDD00ae8E4a9d6E5E 0xb03c61e992f5475222295077a89cf35011984dcdcd1da3666ebffc9ebefe22a9
(6) m/44'/60'/0'/0/6 0x55A972f207DB3498DCBbD97062472A5c10b3266b 0xc003175828a6f768610fb2396b3fcec7fa1957770de2462b9e6d3a0a23346c76
(7) m/44'/60'/0'/0/7 0x7e62C187e597Fc544D5769a38A8e026F5529c81B 0x04bfcff46587fd98e682e3b7acff720051b1b0bee3309fb13703338bbde211cd
(8) m/44'/60'/0'/0/8 0x7aF4A78000032a3FBaF4Ac5a5f64a50FF69f0442 0x1b642b77519cf6e6107827e4773a15975edda6471ff90735e2fc0cf7d8560ac8
(9) m/44'/60'/0'/0/9 0x379a25BB89043f8b875A73eA61aF4F7b70cD73e5 0x4f9fb333faf8ecf8f22d212a0b1c946e4d4c32fa0b7794326038d464b241d771

Click this to see more examples :)


To get started, just fork this repo, clone it locally, and run:

pip install -e .[cli,tests,docs] -r requirements.txt


You can run the tests with:


Or use tox to run the complete suite against the full set of build targets, or pytest to run specific tests against a specific version of Python.


Feel free to open an issue if you find a problem, or a pull request if you've solved an issue. And also any help in testing, development, documentation and other tasks is highly appreciated and useful to the project. There are tasks for contributors of all experience levels.

For more information, see the file.

Available Cryptocurrencies

This library simplifies the process of creating a new hierarchical deterministic wallets for:

Cryptocurrencies Symbols Mainnet Testnet Segwit Coin Type Default Paths
Anon ANON Yes No No 220 m/44'/220'/0'/0/0
Argoneum AGM Yes No No 421 m/44'/421'/0'/0/0
Artax XAX Yes No No 219 m/44'/219'/0'/0/0
Aryacoin AYA Yes No No 357 m/44'/357'/0'/0/0
Asiacoin AC Yes No No 51 m/44'/51'/0'/0/0
Atom ATOM Yes No Yes 118 m/44'/118'/0'/0/0
Auroracoin AUR Yes No No 85 m/44'/85'/0'/0/0
Axe AXE Yes No No 4242 m/44'/4242'/0'/0/0
Bata BTA Yes No No 89 m/44'/89'/0'/0/0
Beetle Coin BEET Yes No No 800 m/44'/800'/0'/0/0
Bela Coin BELA Yes No No 73 m/44'/73'/0'/0/0
Bit Cloud BTDX Yes No No 218 m/44'/218'/0'/0/0
Bit Send BSD Yes No No 91 m/44'/91'/0'/0/0
Bitcoin Cash BCH Yes No Yes 145 m/44'/145'/0'/0/0
Bitcoin Gold BTG Yes No Yes 156 m/44'/156'/0'/0/0
Bitcoin BTC, BTCTEST Yes Yes Yes 0 m/44'/0'/0'/0/0
Bitcoin Plus XBC Yes No No 65 m/44'/65'/0'/0/0
Bitcoin SV BSV Yes No No 236 m/44'/236'/0'/0/0
BitcoinZ BTCZ Yes No No 177 m/44'/177'/0'/0/0
Bitcore BTX Yes No Yes 160 m/44'/160'/0'/0/0
Blackcoin BLK Yes No No 10 m/44'/10'/0'/0/0
Block Stamp BST Yes No Yes 254 m/44'/254'/0'/0/0
Blocknode BND, BNDTEST Yes Yes No 2941 m/44'/2941'/0'/0/0
Bolivarcoin BOLI Yes No No 278 m/44'/278'/0'/0/0
Brit Coin BRIT Yes No No 70 m/44'/70'/0'/0/0
CPU Chain CPU Yes No Yes 363 m/44'/363'/0'/0/0
Canada eCoin CDN Yes No No 34 m/44'/34'/0'/0/0
Cannacoin CCN Yes No No 19 m/44'/19'/0'/0/0
Clams CLAM Yes No No 23 m/44'/23'/0'/0/0
Club Coin CLUB Yes No No 79 m/44'/79'/0'/0/0
Compcoin CMP Yes No No 71 m/44'/71'/0'/0/0
Crane Pay CRP Yes No Yes 2304 m/44'/2304'/0'/0/0
Crave CRAVE Yes No No 186 m/44'/186'/0'/0/0
Dash DASH, DASHTEST Yes Yes No 5 m/44'/5'/0'/0/0
Deep Onion ONION Yes No Yes 305 m/44'/305'/0'/0/0
Defcoin DFC Yes No No 1337 m/44'/1337'/0'/0/0
Denarius DNR Yes No No 116 m/44'/116'/0'/0/0
Diamond DMD Yes No No 152 m/44'/152'/0'/0/0
Digi Byte DGB Yes No Yes 20 m/44'/20'/0'/0/0
Digitalcoin DGC Yes No No 18 m/44'/18'/0'/0/0
Dogecoin DOGE, DOGETEST Yes Yes No 3 m/44'/3'/0'/0/0
EDR Coin EDRC Yes No No 56 m/44'/56'/0'/0/0
Ecoin ECN Yes No No 115 m/44'/115'/0'/0/0
Einsteinium EMC2 Yes No No 41 m/44'/41'/0'/0/0
Elastos ELA Yes No No 2305 m/44'/2305'/0'/0/0
Energi NRG Yes No No 9797 m/44'/9797'/0'/0/0
Ethereum ETH Yes No Yes 60 m/44'/60'/0'/0/0
Europe Coin ERC Yes No No 151 m/44'/151'/0'/0/0
Exclusive Coin EXCL Yes No No 190 m/44'/190'/0'/0/0
FIX FIX, FIXTEST Yes Yes No 336 m/44'/336'/0'/0/0
Feathercoin FTC Yes No No 8 m/44'/8'/0'/0/0
Firstcoin FRST Yes No No 167 m/44'/167'/0'/0/0
Flashcoin FLASH Yes No No 120 m/44'/120'/0'/0/0
Flux FLUX Yes No No 19167 m/44'/19167'/0'/0/0
Fuji Coin FJC Yes No Yes 75 m/44'/75'/0'/0/0
GCR Coin GCR Yes No No 49 m/44'/49'/0'/0/0
Game Credits GAME Yes No No 101 m/44'/101'/0'/0/0
Go Byte GBX Yes No No 176 m/44'/176'/0'/0/0
Gridcoin GRC Yes No No 84 m/44'/84'/0'/0/0
Groestl Coin GRS, GRSTEST Yes Yes Yes 17 m/44'/17'/0'/0/0
Gulden NLG Yes No No 87 m/44'/87'/0'/0/0
Helleniccoin HNC Yes No No 168 m/44'/168'/0'/0/0
Hempcoin THC Yes No No 113 m/44'/113'/0'/0/0
Hush HUSH Yes No No 197 m/44'/197'/0'/0/0
IX Coin IXC Yes No No 86 m/44'/86'/0'/0/0
Insane Coin INSN Yes No No 68 m/44'/68'/0'/0/0
Internet Of People IOP Yes No No 66 m/44'/66'/0'/0/0
Jumbucks JBS Yes No No 26 m/44'/26'/0'/0/0
Kobocoin KOBO Yes No No 196 m/44'/196'/0'/0/0
Komodo KMD Yes No No 141 m/44'/141'/0'/0/0
LBRY Credits LBC Yes No No 140 m/44'/140'/0'/0/0
Linx LINX Yes No No 114 m/44'/114'/0'/0/0
Litecoin Cash LCC Yes No No 192 m/44'/192'/0'/0/0
Litecoin LTC, LTCTEST Yes Yes Yes 2 m/44'/2'/0'/0/0
LitecoinZ LTZ Yes No No 221 m/44'/221'/0'/0/0
Lkrcoin LKR Yes No No 557 m/44'/557'/0'/0/0
Lynx LYNX Yes No No 191 m/44'/191'/0'/0/0
Mazacoin MZC Yes No No 13 m/44'/13'/0'/0/0
Megacoin MEC Yes No No 217 m/44'/217'/0'/0/0
Minexcoin MNX Yes No No 182 m/44'/182'/0'/0/0
Monacoin MONA Yes No Yes 22 m/44'/22'/0'/0/0
Monkey Project MONK Yes No Yes 214 m/44'/214'/0'/0/0
Myriadcoin XMY Yes No No 90 m/44'/90'/0'/0/0
NIX NIX Yes No Yes 400 m/44'/400'/0'/0/0
Namecoin NMC Yes No No 7 m/44'/7'/0'/0/0
Navcoin NAV Yes No No 130 m/44'/130'/0'/0/0
Neblio NEBL Yes No No 146 m/44'/146'/0'/0/0
Neoscoin NEOS Yes No No 25 m/44'/25'/0'/0/0
Neurocoin NRO Yes No No 110 m/44'/110'/0'/0/0
New York Coin NYC Yes No No 179 m/44'/179'/0'/0/0
Novacoin NVC Yes No No 50 m/44'/50'/0'/0/0
NuBits NBT Yes No No 12 m/44'/12'/0'/0/0
NuShares NSR Yes No No 11 m/44'/11'/0'/0/0
OK Cash OK Yes No No 69 m/44'/69'/0'/0/0
Omni OMNI, OMNITEST Yes Yes No 200 m/44'/200'/0'/0/0
Onix Coin ONX Yes No No 174 m/44'/174'/0'/0/0
Peercoin PPC Yes No No 6 m/44'/6'/0'/0/0
Pesobit PSB Yes No No 62 m/44'/62'/0'/0/0
Phore PHR Yes No No 444 m/44'/444'/0'/0/0
Pinkcoin PINK Yes No No 117 m/44'/117'/0'/0/0
Pivx PIVX, PIVXTEST Yes Yes No 119 m/44'/119'/0'/0/0
Posw Coin POSW Yes No No 47 m/44'/47'/0'/0/0
Potcoin POT Yes No No 81 m/44'/81'/0'/0/0
Project Coin PRJ Yes No No 533 m/44'/533'/0'/0/0
Putincoin PUT Yes No No 122 m/44'/122'/0'/0/0
Qtum QTUM, QTUMTEST Yes Yes Yes 2301 m/44'/2301'/0'/0/0
RSK RBTC, RBTCTEST Yes Yes No 137 m/44'/137'/0'/0/0
Rapids RPD Yes No No 320 m/44'/320'/0'/0/0
Ravencoin RVN Yes No No 175 m/44'/175'/0'/0/0
Reddcoin RDD Yes No No 4 m/44'/4'/0'/0/0
Rubycoin RBY Yes No No 16 m/44'/16'/0'/0/0
Safecoin SAFE Yes No No 19165 m/44'/19165'/0'/0/0
Saluscoin SLS Yes No No 572 m/44'/572'/0'/0/0
Scribe SCRIBE Yes No No 545 m/44'/545'/0'/0/0
Shadow Cash SDC, SDCTEST Yes Yes No 35 m/44'/35'/0'/0/0
Slimcoin SLM, SLMTEST Yes Yes No 63 m/44'/63'/0'/0/0
Smileycoin SMLY Yes No No 59 m/44'/59'/0'/0/0
Solarcoin SLR Yes No No 58 m/44'/58'/0'/0/0
Stash STASH Yes No No 49344 m/44'/49344'/0'/0/0
Stratis STRAT, STRATTEST Yes Yes No 105 m/44'/105'/0'/0/0
Sugarchain SUGAR, SUGARTEST Yes Yes Yes 408 m/44'/408'/0'/0/0
Syscoin SYS Yes No Yes 57 m/44'/57'/0'/0/0
TOA Coin TOA Yes No No 159 m/44'/159'/0'/0/0
Thought AI THT Yes No No 502 m/44'/502'/0'/0/0
Tron TRX Yes No No 195 m/44'/195'/0'/0/0
Twins TWINS, TWINSTEST Yes Yes No 970 m/44'/970'/0'/0/0
Ultimate Secure Cash USC Yes No No 112 m/44'/112'/0'/0/0
Unobtanium UNO Yes No No 92 m/44'/92'/0'/0/0
Virtual Cash VASH Yes No No 33 m/44'/33'/0'/0/0
Vcash VC Yes No No 127 m/44'/127'/0'/0/0
Verge Currency XVG Yes No No 77 m/44'/77'/0'/0/0
Vertcoin VTC Yes No Yes 28 m/44'/28'/0'/0/0
Viacoin VIA, VIATEST Yes Yes Yes 14 m/44'/14'/0'/0/0
Vivo VIVO Yes No No 166 m/44'/166'/0'/0/0
Whitecoin XWC Yes No No 559 m/44'/559'/0'/0/0
Wincoin WC Yes No No 181 m/44'/181'/0'/0/0
XUEZ XUEZ Yes No No 225 m/44'/225'/0'/0/0
XinFin XDC Yes No Yes 550 m/44'/550'/0'/0/0
Ycash YEC Yes No No 347 m/44'/347'/0'/0/0
ZClassic ZCL Yes No No 147 m/44'/147'/0'/0/0
Zcash ZEC, ZECTEST Yes Yes No 133 m/44'/133'/0'/0/0
Zencash ZEN Yes No No 121 m/44'/121'/0'/0/0


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Coins Addresses
Bitcoin BTC 3GGNPvgbSpMHShcaZJGDXQn5wUJyTz7uoC
Ethereum ETH, Tether USDT 0x342798bbe9731a91e0557fa8ab0bce1eae6d6ae3


Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

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