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Heptapod server-side Mercurial hooks, extension, etc.

Project description

Python components of the Heptapod server

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Heptapod is the friendly fork of GitLab that brings Mercurial compatibility in. It is a system with multiple components, involving several programmation languages, notably Ruby, Go and Python.

The purpose of this package is to centralize all Heptapod Python code that is not (yet) in any other, more generic Python project (Mercurial, its extensions, general-purpose libraries…), and keep them in a high state of quality.

Scope and versioning policy

This Python project is not meant for anything else than being a component of the Heptapod server, nor is it the whole of Heptapod, only the parts that happen to be written in Python.

The interdependency with other Heptapod components is very tight, to the point that the requirements file of Heptapod releases usually completely pins this project. Starting with version 1.0.0 (for Heptapod 0.17), we are planning to follow semver rules (with PEP 440 for development versions).

Python 3 is fully supported since version 0.13.0, tested with 3.7 and 3.8.

Python 2 support is deprecated as of version 1.0.0. Only the testhelpers subpackage is fully supported for both Python versions, because it can be used for more general Mercurial related testing. Python 2 support will be dropped entirely when we will have a new home for testhelpers.

Development guide

Launching the tests

We have unit and integration tests with pytest, they'd be typically run in a virtualenv:

python 3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

We have a 100% coverage policy, that is enforced by run-all-tests and therefore by the continuous integration.

This full run takes about 20 seconds in our continuous integration, and usually less than that on developer workstations.

Workflow rules

We follow the Heptapod default workflow. Please make a topic, and submit a Merge Request.

Merge Request Pipelines have to pass, and coverage to stay at 100% for the MR to be technically acceptable – we can help achieving these results, it's not mandatory for submitting MRs and gather some feedback.


WSGI serving of repositories

Provided by heptapod.wsgi (not fully independent yet)

Mercurial Hooks

heptapod.hooks.check_publish.check_publish: permission rules about public changesets in pushes. heptapod.hooks.git_sync.mirror: synchronisation to inner auxiliary Git repository for exposition to GitLab heptapod.hooks.dev_util: useful hooks for debug and development

Mercurial extension

The heptapod extension will provide specific commands and generally everything that should be done with full access to Mercurial internals.

Project details

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heptapod-4.6.0.tar.gz (105.6 kB view hashes)

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